Home Sweet Home

I made it home around midnight and chatted for a bit with my bigger bro. I was so ready to hit the sack – it was 3am my time.

Marathon Training: This morning I did 3 easy miles. I am not going to do a long run this weekend because time with the fam is precious and I don’t want to spend over 2 hours running tomorrow. I will try to get in around 8 miles though, we’ll see :)

Then my mom and I walked the dogs. They were happy, I was happier :)IMG_1774

Since I’m home I have all the stuff I love to eat here, plus more! My mom has a large, well stocked fridge and even bought almond milk, veggies burgers and other goodies for my visit. I had a small bowl of cereal after my run (no pic) and then came home to a real breakfast. I made a green monster and toast with raw almond butter and jelly. I was so excited to see that I had left almond butter here I  had a few bites straight from the jar.IMG_1764IMG_1765IMG_1763

The plan for the day is to drop off my car at the place that is going to ship it to me, hang out with Matt, visit my Grams and I don’t know what else. It is a beautiful day here! It’s supposed to get to around 90 degrees!! Fun Fun! Have a great day :)


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