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After I posted earlier I showed my little bro, Matt, Meghann’s blog. I knew he would love it since he is obsessed with Disney and she recently attended an event in Epcot and completed a Disney race. He loved it :) Rock on Meghann!IMG_1783

After saying good-bye to my car and sending it on it’s merry little way to Maryland (should be there in 12 days) I came home to eat lunch. I made a massive mixing bowl salad topped with a veggie burger and leftover pasta salad. IMG_1777IMG_1780

Plus pineapple and kiwi on the side. Plus unpictured chips.IMG_1781

Dessert! My mom has a candy bowl in the front room that is super tempting. I enjoyed a Take 5. IMG_1782

In the News/On the Web…

I am missing my long run this weekend and am worried that it will “mess up” my marathon training. Bart Yasso answers this question on RW – check it out! Turns out it’s not the end of the world :)

An interesting blog post: What if Healthy Food Were Cheaper?


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