Ice Cream, Chocolate and Baked Goods

The title of this post really sums up my eats for this weekend. Sure, I had a big veggie filled salad at one point but, more than anything else I ate junk :( A lot of junk. Too much junk. I enjoy eating indulgent foods when I go out or at parties, but I try to keep it out of the house. I just know myself and if it’s here, I will eat it. All. Even if I’m not hungry in the least bit.

The moral of the story is junk “visited” this weekend and I ate it. I’m either tossing it or sending it to work with Ben, but it won’t be in this house tomorrow.

I have to admit that I also sought out junk when I visited Rita’s Italian Ice Sunday night. I am not apologizing for this visit as today was their last day of the season (Yes, I guess ice cream shops in the arctic tundra of Maryland are forced to close for the winter. This is tragic news to one CA girl and a reminder she’s not in Kansas any more.). I happily enjoyed a pumpkin, vanilla and oreo gelati to which I added my own smuggled granola because I am tragic love granola on ice cream. IMG_2164I do think this weekend’s sugar filled eats really prove the lesson that for this girl, sugar begets more sugar. I may be super sensitive to it or it may be in my head, but when I start eating sugar my body just keeps craving more and more. Noted.

Other than that I had a very happy weekend…

I ran 15.3 miles today. It was cold, but that’s how I like to run :) I was supposed to do 18 miles, but my head movies got boring and I couldn’t continue. I do believe if it was all in my head on this one and my body could have done it.

I baked PB Pumpkin Bread.

I went on a bike ride with Ben. We haven’t done this since before we moved.

I made pancakes for breakfast that looked burnt, but tasted great! IMG_2158

It was a good one! Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend too!

Now I am off to drink massive amounts of water and try to get some of this sugar out of my system…. See you tomorrow.


  1. says

    Nice run! I’ll need to try that bread next weekend. I always think to myself I don’t need more bread in my dorm, and then I come back and eat about half a loafs worth

  2. says

    AAAH! We had the same weekend, sugar-wise. Once I had some candy, like an addict, I just needed more. I had my first taste of candy last night and didn’t stop until today. I’m bringing the leftovers to work with me and staying the hell away from them because like you, with me sugar begets more sugar. The weird part is, part of me didn’t give a hoot that I was filling up on junk and pure sugar, I could care less.

  3. says

    I love that you call them head movies. I am the same with you on my weekend eating. I think I had maybe 4 fruits and veggies total fri-sun….oops! I will do better tomorrow. Have a good Monday!!

  4. Ashley says

    I am the same way with sugar. I’m fine without it, but once I have it or crave it I cannot stop. It really is best to just stay away, but then at the same time I think thats part of the reason I indulge so much when I do. So I’ve been trying to enjoy sugar and treats in moderation and it’s been working pretty well with the exception of this weekend. But hey, it’s halloween weekend and the start of a new month. A great time to get a “clean slate” šŸ˜€

  5. says

    I have the same feeling about sugar. The more I have the more I want. I ate too much sugar this weekend too. I enjoyed it and I’m not feeling guilty about it, but it’s time to get a grip on the sugar consumption.

  6. says

    Sometimes my burnt pancakes turn out yummy too. I finally leared how not to burn them this year. Great job on the miles girl. Ganola on ice cream sounds good too.

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