Rustling Leaves

This morning I did 7 miles in 1:02:48! I felt really good the whole time – I think incorporating yoga into my Marathon Training is a good idea :) Normally on my runs all I hear is my breath, my footsteps and passing cars (I don’t run with an Ipod because I am a freak). But today I noticed the sound of rustling leaves. There are so many leaves on some parts of the sidewalk I can’t even see the concrete!

Like I said yesterday, I need to change up breakfast. Today I made a Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Butter (PB&PB) bagel with egg beaters on the side. This was just what I needed :)DSCN2071

Also, I ate a lot of grapes while putting breakfast together…when they are right there it’s so hard to resist!DSCN2074

My latest obsession are these Vitaminwaters. I had a $4.00 off coupon for a case of them from Costco. Note: Although they have a big “10” on the outside, they have 25 calories per bottle. I hate when a serving isn’t the entire bottle/package or is super small. But I do like these! They are tasty and  have extra vitamins – anything helps during flu season! I’ve been drinking a lot of them (since I have a case and all), but don’t usually mention my drinks on the blog for some reason.DSCN2077

Happy Wednesday!

Budget: I think I am going to try the November grocery challenge and only spend $100 for the rest of the month. I am a little scared to do this since I am not comletely used to shopping for two yet. I’m going to try and plan out my monthly groceries today and see if I think it’s do-able.


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    I don’t usually enjoy running with music very much, either, but I’ve been doing it more often lately and it’s not terrible.

    I prefer hearing my feet pounding the pavement, though.

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    Ugh, I could never do that challenge. I spend 100 bucks each time I go, which is weekly. Am I rich, you ask? Umm, no. I’m living off loans in graduate school. Yet still, I find it necessary to buy for a family of four. Please send me some tips.

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    omg I’m obsessed with that Vitamin Water 10 except it’s so damn expensive! When it went on sale here for 88 cents, I stocked up and now I have enough to last me a month. Lemonade is my favorite by far

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