Yoga and Immunity

My old yoga studio (Yoga Shakti)  sent me an email with ways yoga helps our immunity:

  • Reduces the negative effects of stress, thus reducing the harmful and immune suppressing effects of stress hormones.
  • Increases blood flow and oxygenation to our tissues
  • Keeps our breath full, which cleanses and nourishes the body.
  • Keeps our minds calm so that we can work smart not hard.
  • Helps us feel happier and leads us to cultivate greater love, patience, contentment and understanding.

I didn’t need another excuse to do yoga, but this definitely makes me want to stick with it!

Another tip I got from a nurse at the Halloween party we went to: “Don’t touch your face. Ever.” Keep your hands away from your face and you won’t get sick. It’s a fact. Kinda.

My defense against office cake was to bring my own:IMG 2203 300x225 Yoga and Immunity

My afternoon snack was eaten just because our computers went down for 30 minutes this afternoon and I was bored icon sad Yoga and Immunity Not Intuitive Eating.IMG 2204 300x225 Yoga and Immunity

Dinner was a “bigger than you freakin realize because you just see it in a tiny picture on the computer and not in the massive bowl in front of me” salad. Fact.IMG 2210 300x225 Yoga and Immunity

I feel uncomfortably full from all the extra snacks and big dinner. Tomorrow I am sticking with Intuitive Eating. Fact.

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  1. says

    I’m really bad about touching my face and putting random things in my mouth – like ink pens. If something in is my hand, I chew on it…hmm, come to think of it, that explains a lot. ;)

    I always laugh when I take pictures of my dinner bowls – the photo never does it justice. They’re usually huge!

  2. says

    One other reason for Yoga – it really helps make you stronger! All of my kids were in organized sports through High School (my middle son was good enough baseball player to be recruited by colleges) and all their coaches highly recommended yoga. I think the slow deliberate movements really do a lot to strengthen long muscle fibers, and build flexibility and strength!

  3. says

    Big salads always leave me with an overly full feeling. Must be the water content in the veggies. The feeling usually passes.

    I was resting my face on my hand when I read your post. Ooops!

  4. says

    Love your post and blog!! I just posted about Yoga on my own blog and love finding similar people! Check it out please – and add me to your roll – I love finding new readers :)

    And I totally get you on the Intuitive Eating. I ate a lot of carbs late last night – and then again this morning for breakfast – and now I feel like I should have definitely gotten something light – especially since I wasn’t really in the mood for it and fruit and yogurt would have been fine…:( sucks but what can you do? Move on right…and make the same mistake tommorow haha. oi.

  5. Leila says

    The touching the face thing is so true! Another good tip is to keep the nails cut short. Less chance of getting dirt, etc trapped underneath. I know this will kill some girls for sure!

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