Running Lesson #1 : Hydrate!

I know better than this. I am better than this, but today I was totally dehydrated on my run. At first I felt like I was hungry, then I realized I was THIRSTY. Super thirsty. Like, I want to high jack someone’s garden hose thirsty.

I ended up cutting my run short and doing 9 miles with walk breaks. I was supposed to do 10 today and 10 tomorrow. I have to break up my long run in two parts this weekend since we’re going on a road trip tomorrow morning and my long runs take 3 hours at this point!

So, I guess it’s back to the basics with a reminder that I need to drink at least 3 full bottles of water per day. This was never a problem before, but I think the colder temps and bigger obsession with seltzer have been hurting my water consumption. My water bottle holds 48 oz. I am going to make sure to fill it up and drink it all 3 times a day. IMG 2382 225x300 Running Lesson #1 : Hydrate!

Breakfast was a bunch of different things. When I got home I chugged a ton of water and ate a bowl of cereal. After a shower I made a yogurt bowl and had half a piece of toast with PB. I don’t know if it was the dehydration talking or what, but I just kept eating!IMG 2380 300x225 Running Lesson #1 : Hydrate!

I have a busy fun day ahead of me! Happy Friday, see you in a little bit icon smile Running Lesson #1 : Hydrate!

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    Happy Friday!
    I’ve been experiencing the same dehydration problem lately. I agree with you that it’s because of the weather. I don’t sweat as much, so I don’t feel like I have to drink as much water on my runs. I need to stick a note on my mirror or something to remind myself to drink more water :)

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    I have been having the same problem!! I totally know i need to stay hydrated, however, I am constantly just drinking coffee and no water. After bonking from dehydration last week, I’m setting water “drinking goals” too…(3 X mySigg bottle per day)

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    back when I first started running I was constantly scanning for water hoses! never actually stopped for one but definitely wanted to!
    Drinking enough water has always been a problem for me :(

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    I always make sure to drink a ton of water. One thing that helps is to just always carry my water bottle. If I have it with me, I am more likely to drink from it.

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    I’m no RD, but if you’re drinking no-sodium seltzer, I think that counts toward your total h2o!

    I say so because I have an addiction too. I don’t know about your brand but Polar dosen’t have any sodium. My fave is the pomegranate flavor!

    I say it’s a no-guilt bev. I’ve been trying to drink more water too, but have found it hard to get through work without going to the restroom 23 times! oh well.

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    I know the feeling! All too often I find myself inhaling food when I’m probably just a little dried out! But in all honesty, a brownie or a cookie just sounds so much more appealing….

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