Soup, salad and bread thins

Soup, salad and bread thins – this title is inspired by Olive Garden’s “soup, salad and bread sticks” deal – but better. It’s better because I made my fave tomato and red pepper soup! IMG 2377 300x225 Soup, salad and bread thins

I almost burned the house down! I spilled my sandwich thin upside down in the oven and all the cheese spilled off, spilled onto the bottom and filled our place with smoke. Since it’s cold out we refused to open any windows so we just breathed in all the smoke and are now dumber for it.IMG 2376 300x225 Soup, salad and bread thins

Dessert was planned because I didn’t eat my Vitatop in the afternoon. I also had a small bowl of cereal because I was hungry bored other. I’m blaming that damn Thai lunch that left me hungry all afternoon.IMG 2378 300x225 Soup, salad and bread thins

My eyes hurt from all that damn smoke! And now I have to clean the oven. No, I’m not going to actually clean it now, I’m just saying I now have another chore for this weekend…darn.

Advice from Monica: Do not use Nair (or any similar product )on your bathing suit area. Do.Not.Ever. Don’t ask how I know.

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    Haha a few days ago I set the oven to “self clean” to get some cheese off the bottom. Yeah it locked itself and smoke started coming out and I couldn’t turn it off. Not a good day in the life Matt.

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    FYI, Nair actually makes a product specifically for the bikini area. I’ve used it many times. I would suggest that rather than the original formula, LOL!

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