Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

Today’s lunch consisted of Costco samples and (a lot of) trail mix. After school stuff I went to Anne’s House of Nuts and Costco. Seriously, if you live near Jessup, MD you have to go the Anne’s outlet. I got a HUGE bag of deelish trail mix for $3.00! I came out with two bags of nuts and dried fruit! Field day. IMG 2405 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

Then, I went to Costco. Gosh! That place is full of people offering you samples of high calorie stuff you don’t want to buy a ton of, but do want a bite or two ;). Today I had apple pie, chips with 7 layer dip, soup, My First Pierogie!, and other stuff I don’t recall.I normally don’t take pictures of the samples I eat, but this was out of control. IMG 2385 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

IMG 2384 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

I also picked up this “Latina” Mango from the Cost…IMG 2393 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

See the sticker! Now I like these mangoes even more icon smile Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix IMG 2394 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

I like my dinners like guys like their women – the easier the better. Dinner was more trail mix and pita pizzas with brussel sprouts. I love super simple, but tasty dinners like this! IMG 2399 300x225 Lunch at Costco and Trail Mix

Now I am trying to avoid the trail mix calling my name and catch up on emails. Isn’t that a fancy Friday night?

Tomorrow Ben and I are driving to Conneticut to see his sister, brother-in-law (Brian)  and babies! They are visiting Brian’s sister who lives in the CT. I’ve never been there and am not looking forward to the long drive. I swore off road trips after the “Road Trip to end all” this summer. But, it will be fun!

Note to self: You will be on a very long drive, bring snacks, but not trail mix.

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    Why is trail mix so deliciously addicting?! I used to buy the kind from the bulk bin at WF, tropical something or other, and it was loaded with chocolate disks/chips, white choclate chips, dried fruit and cashews. I only bought it once because I ate the whole damn bag in two days.

    Road trips are so fun! Have a good time in CT!!

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    That will be so much fun! I live neat CT. What part are you going to? You can do it, You don’t have to eat all the trail mix. You always have such great snacks. You have got a lot to chose from! Have a great trip! Nothing Like being stuck in the car with someone whose company you enjoy!

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    the only reason i went with my mother back in the day to costco were for the free samples hahah! have a safe drive as it’s raining lots here in NE right now!

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    Costco is super full of samples everytime you go, isn’t it? We dont live close enough to the costco here to be members, but we do have a Sam’s Membership – they’re not nearly as bad with the free samples everywhere.

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