Monica Does Connecticut

Have you noticed how I love writing suggestive titles? ‘Cause I do…

My Saturday started with a 9 mile run. I changed my long run this week so we could get a early start to CT. So, I ended up doing 9 miles yesterday and 9 miles today. It is completely NOT the same as an 18 miler. But, next week I will get back to a long run. I have to admit it was nice to have a week off icon smile Monica Does Connecticut

After I got back I made pumpkin oatmeal in a plastic PB container (I hope the plastic didn’t breakdown with the heat and kill me).IMG 2407 225x300 Monica Does Connecticut

Topped with the devil trail mix. I am giving that stuff away today. After I have a little bit more that is…IMG 2409 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut

Then, it was a l-o-n-g drive from MD to CT. We packed lunch, but planned to pick up drinks. The easiest thing was to drive through McDonald’s. I got a diet Coke and Ben got a coffee and fries. Great Ben, bring fries within arms distance. I had a few of course. IMG 2413 225x300 Monica Does Connecticut

The rest of lunch consisted of a week-old tuna in a wrap. Yes, you read that correctly – tuna that was a week old. I live dangerously, are you impressed? IMG 2411 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut

And these chips. Chips are necessary for any road trip. IMG 2414 225x300 Monica Does Connecticut

And so is road mix – oh, I mean trail mix, even though we weren’t on a trail.IMG 24051 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut

Finally we got to Ben’s brother-in-law’s sister’s house (Emily)! We finally got to meet Owen, our new nephew! He is adorable and Ben loves him so much. Ben loves babies. I don’t know what to do about that right now. No comment.  IMG 2426 225x300 Monica Does Connecticut

Emily made vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie! She is an amazing cook and I was sooooo happy to find a vegetarian dish for dinner.IMG 2422 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut I loved loved loved the Whole Foods Shepherd’s Pie I used to eat in CA, but never could make it for Ben because he swears he doesn’t like it! Well, he loved it so now  I am totally going to recreate it at home! Loved it. IMG 2424 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut

We brought an apple pie, let me rephrase that – HUGE apple pie from Costco. So, dessert was apple pie, ice cream and home made whipped cream. For real. IMG 2430 300x225 Monica Does Connecticut I feel like I’ve really been overdoing it lately. I am not sure how to get back on track, but luckily I have a 5 hour drive tomorrow to think about it. Stay tuned for a crash diet extravaganza!!!


  1. says

    Woohoo crash diet! I need some tips because this girl thinks she has the metabolism of a Somalian marathon runner and can eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound all the while watching Will and Grace reruns on Lifetime. My weekend was not a victory on the IE front, clearly.

    BABIES!! Men who love babies are so cute. I think a recipe for the shepards pie is in order. It looks delish.

  2. says

    My own suggestive title is “Josie Does Cake”. And it suggests that I’m ____ (fill in the blank).

    Well, the Tuna is old and would be on Viagra if it were human, but it still looks good!

  3. Ashley C says

    Love the suggestive titles & totally agree about road trips needing chips. For some reason road trips make me starving and crave junk food. Probably the boredom.
    I hope you’re joking about the crash diet thing… you know better than that by now & you seem to be making big strides with intuitive eating.
    Hope you have a good week!

  4. says

    I love road trips with my hubby! Sounds like a great trip. Your nephew is darling! mY sister-in-law just had twin boys. I’m so excited to meet them at Christmas. It’s tough being far from family…especially babies!

  5. says

    I wouldn’t do a crash diet I would just maybe do a 2 week stint of “crap free week” or clean eats only week. that should help.

    totally funny that you rhubs loves babies – i’d be scurrred LOLOL!

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