Portable Restroom

Sunday morning we woke up and took a walk around Emily & Mark’s neighborhood in Portland, CT. It was so nice to get out and walk around after being in the car for so long yesterday. IMG_2434


Before we went on the walk I ate Kashi with a banana and milk. I always bring cereal with me on road trips – it’s great for snacking or breakfast!


Ben seriously has baby fever, while I light up when holding a cat or petting a dog. I miss my pets so much, and I have Matt (my little bro) for the times I want to be a mom. Chill out Ben, it will happen. Someday.IMG_2447IMG_2438

Here is Ben, Julie and Owen on the walk…


We left around noon and I was hungry so I ate this apple and drank this massive iced tea.



Lunch was Subway. I had a big dilemma at Subway because I do not eat meat, but didn’t want to eat tuna for the 3rd time this week (because of the mercury and child bearing age thing). But I knew bread and veggies would not keep me full for long (Veggie Delight). What is a girl to do? What Would Jesus Do? So, I reluctantly ordered the turkey sub. I feel guilty because I am constantly eating things I would rather stay away from lately, but it was the healthiest choice I could make given the circumstances.IMG_2458

There were also many chips and a Kashi bar consumed. IMG_2414IMG_2460

Plus I drank water from my  trusty sidekick bottle :) At one point I had to go to the bathroom so bad I barely BARELY held it until we found a rest stop. It was a veryclosecall.

At that rest stop I bought a Massive Diet Coke because that’s how I roll and we continued on our way. But, we encountered a huge accident only a few miles from our house and were completely stopped for almost an hour. I had to pee again! And now my bladder was super weak from holding it so long earlier. At one point I could not take it anymore and considered just peeing in my pants. Then, I found a Gatorade bottle and created a portable restroom. Don’t judge me, you would have done the same thing.

I hope I haven’t ruined the thought of yellow Gatorade for you (but I do think it’s kinda funny if I have). In all honesty I also drank a ton of water so it wasn’t actually yellow at all. I would have taken a pic of the bottle, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I can’t believe I just admitted this on the internet. What have I become???


  1. says

    I know exactly what you mean, that feeling of totally desperation that you won’t make it to a bathroom. Glad you managed with what you had though!

    Don’t sweat the turkey sandwich – you make great choices the vast majority of the time and that’s what counts.

  2. ashley c says

    what I wanna know is if this gatorade debacle happened in the car or outside. cuz i’m impressed either way but doing that in the car just takes talent lol

  3. says

    HAHA! I’m so glad you admitted that!
    I usually just pull over and pee on the side of the road.

    Speaking of vegetarian… How’s Thanksgiving going to work for you? I haven’t quite figured out what to do since I’m going to the boyfriend’s house for thanksgiving…

  4. runeatrepeat says

    Christy – I didn’t say I didn’t spill…but we shouldn’t go there.

    Ashley – in the car! I’m glad you’re impressed :)

  5. says

    Bahaha!!! I love that you just admitted to that! Not that I wouldn’t have done the exact same thing… especially after a giant Diet Coke :)

    And can I just say how dang cute you newlyweds are??

  6. says

    Oh.my.gawd. I was forced to do the exact same thing on the way to the Healthy Living Summit. We got totally stuck in traffic going through NYC, and there was literally no other option. It was 4 lanes of traffic, under a huge neverending bridge.

    I retreated to the backseat of my new car, and may or may not have tested the resilience of the leather. Yep, it’s kid-spill-safe! Hooray!

    Then, it almost happened AGAIN when we got stuck outside of Boston, but I made it to a random port-o-pot in the nick of time.

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