Tiny Tea Cups


This morning  I used my cute little tea cup for juice. I love using smaller dishes to help with portion control (and of course it doesn't hurt if they're cute!). These tea cups are from a set my Nina bought me for my bridal shower and I adore them. I think of them as super tiny tea cups and don't really feel guilty about refills. Well, this can defeat the purpose of using … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins


Today's eats were really random... since I ate a big breakfast at noon I didn't get hungry again until around 2:30/3pm - and I don't think I was really even hungry, probably just tired from the whole "I ran 19 miles today" thing. I ate a mango and nachos for "lunch". Yes, I ate nachos. I just threw them together with tortilla chips, salsa and cheese in the micro. I don't … [Read more...]