Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

Today’s eats were really random… since I ate a big breakfast at noon I didn’t get hungry again until around 2:30/3pm – and I don’t think I was really even hungry, probably just tired from the whole “I ran 19 miles today” thing.

I ate a mango and nachos for “lunch”. Yes, I ate nachos. I just threw them together with tortilla chips, salsa and cheese in the micro. I don’t know where the idea even came from, but I’m not going to dwell on it icon smile Chocolate Chip Cranberry MuffinsIMG 2590 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

<Insert mental picture of cereal here. I’ve already told Ben we will probably be taking a break from cereal after we’re done with this batch.>

The big highlight of today’s eats is my new recipe for a mini batch of Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins. I love just making recipes up as I go along. I didn’t use any recipe, just my head movies.IMG 2607 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

Ingredients: (makes 6 muffins)

1/3c ww flour

1/3c oatmeal

1/3c egg beaters

1/3 c brown sugar

1/2c apple sauce

1/4c soy milk (use more or less until you get the right consistency)

1/4tsp each: baking soda, salt, vanilla

1/2tsp salt

1/3c chocolate chips

1/3c cranberries

Directions: Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients except last two. Once well mixed, add choc chips and cranberries. Place in greased muffin pan (I sprayed with non-stick spray). Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Makes six muffins.

I love mini-batches of baked goods! I love fresh from the oven muffins and cookies, but don’t want a ton of leftovers (cause they will end up in my belly). Enjoy icon smile Chocolate Chip Cranberry MuffinsIMG 2603 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

*Updated to add: Ben wasn’t feeling the muffins and said they needed frosting. I made frosting for his with cocoa powder, maple syrup and a little cream cheese. He was happy icon smile Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins And I was happy to lick the spoon! IMG 2609 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

Ben wasn’t feeling well most of the day so we just hung out at home all day. I was fine with this since my legs wanted to rest. But, he was starting to go stir-crazy so we opted for dinner out. We tried a new Sushi/Thai restaurant. I have never been to a restaurant and not liked my food to the point of not eating it, but that happened tonight. I don’t think it was the chef, I think I just ordered wrong. I got Vegetable Udon with tofu. The tofu was measly and super fried and the veggies were non-existent. IMG 2594 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

I picked at my food and then ordered a cup of brown rice and stole some of Ben’s veggies. I LOVE brown rice with soy sauce. I meant to just eat half of it, but then I remembered that I am not a saint and went at it icon smile Chocolate Chip Cranberry MuffinsIMG 2596 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

We also shared a baked sushi roll. It was one of those decadent ones with too much good stuff. I requested “no cream cheese”. I’ve never changed a sushi order before! It never even occurred to me, but Ben wanted this roll and cream cheese on sushi grosses me out. It was delicious!IMG 2598 300x225 Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins

I also want to point out that I am a camel. Some readers have asked about my water intake. I drink like an alcoholic on a downward spiral. For real. Tonight I ordered a diet Coke and a water (my usual). I finished both and got refills – this is standard. IMG 2600 225x300 Chocolate Chip Cranberry MuffinsI am super tired! Often times tired = random snacking for me, but I am brushing my teeth and closing the kitchen. Hope you have a great evening!


  1. says

    Head movies, lol. I’m somewhat of a camel myself, it makes going to the bathroom a chore. A chore that I hate because I don’t like getting up every 30 minutes to pee.

    You rocked that run. I just read your guest post on CnC and really like it. I don’t think I knew how you started running. You pretty much went form walker to runner to marathoner over night! That’s awesome.

  2. says

    I drink a TON of water too! I carry around a 32oz/1000mL bottle everywhere I go and probably drink 4 or 5 of them a day which is probably at least a gallon.

    I pee all the time, which really sucks. Eh such is life.

  3. says

    Mini batches of baked goods are a god send. And I could definitely dig in to brown rice drenched in soy sauce too. Then again, I could dig into most things drenched in soy sauce

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