Angel-ed Eggs

Instead of the classic deviled egg recipe, I created a new and improved version of deviled eggs today. They are called “Angel-ed Eggs”. It’s my healthy take on deviled eggs.

First, I hard boiled a bunch of eggs (the more the merrier). I removed the shell and cut them in half. Then, I carefully took the egg yolks out and set them aside. Finally, I filled the egg whites with hummus. I used TJ’s chipotle hummus, but any kind would work. Yum!!IMG_2946

I placed three egg whites stuffed with hummus on a BIG salad. This looks like so many eggs, but it was three eggs cut in half :) I love the volume of this meal. *Note – I feel bad just throwing egg yolks away (normally I eat the yolks). You can always feed them to your cat or dog or husband. IMG_2947

On the side I had pita chips. I may have also eaten an whole egg while peeling them, because it looked so good and warm. Oh well.IMG_2949

Before lunch I had an apple that was less than stellar. What is up with the last two batches of apples I bought being crappy?!IMG_2942

See ya later Gators …


  1. Christy says

    What a great idea to put hummus in the middle! I always save my egg yolks and my hubby takes them to work as a snack. At least they don’t go to waste!

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