Who am I?


I'm currently sipping on iced coffee. This is kinda weird for me and got me thinking - "Who am I?" I have recently developed this new coffee habit and didn't really think anything of it until I keep reading about so many people who try to cut back on coffee. I figure it's a lot better than Diet Coke (especially when I sweeten it with Stevia!). I'm not too stressed about my … [Read more...]

Treadmill Stroll


Yesterday I really needed to take a walk to clear my mind, but it was way too cold for me to go outside. I opted for a walk on the treadmill with my book: Then it was pizza for dinner :) Pizza is one of my favorite foods (coming in close second to ice cream of course). His side has some kinda of polish sausage, mine has tomatoes. I made some roasted brussel sprouts with … [Read more...]