Disposable Running Gear


Today I hit up the Goodwill for some disposable running gear. I know it's going to be super cold at the start of the race, but I get hot fast once I'm running. So,  I don't want to wear extra clothes once I am warm. I went to the Goodwill in search of a sweatshirt I can wear to the race, but throw away either once I start running or at the start. Look at my new fancy … [Read more...]

It’s Tempting


It's tempting. And I'm not talking about this cake and ice cream I had after dinner ( so tempting that I couldn't resist)... What's tempting is to make a goal of pacing myself faster than is realistic. It's tempting to hope that some how, some way I'll be able to beat my first marathon time. But, I shouldn't. Marathons are for real, not for dreaming or hoping  it will be … [Read more...]