Sports Bra Stained


I was so bummed to realize my new sports bra bled on my new Disney Marathon shirt :( I was wearing a warm long sleeve pullover on top of this and didn't realize until I got home from my run. I have other hot pink sports bras, but this never happened before? Boo! I was excited about this long sleeve tech tee too (say that five times fast). I love when races give out tech … [Read more...]

Edging the Cake


There are a lot of ways I consume calories without actually eating (or so I'd like to believe). One of them is "even-ing" out the edges of a cake. If there is a cake, loaf of bread or pan of brownies on a counter I will cut off a piece every time I pass by. This leads to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of calories that I'm not accounting for. This is the reason it seems like I … [Read more...]