Lunch Switch and Beautiful Blogger Award

So, I ended up switching lunch and making a wrap. I tried to eat the spring rolls, but they smelled fishy and totally grossed me out. Oh well maybe Ben will eat them?

Luckily, I had some of my current obsessions in my fridge – beans and guac. I cannot get enough beans lately and hope it’s not my body telling me I am low on iron! I stuffed a wrap with beans, salsa, onions and guac. Amazing stuff!IMG_4325

With some Chobani on the side :) I added some cereal to this.IMG_4327

This Dancer’s Life and Zee Food & Frog both nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award! This means I get to put this snazzy icon on this post…beautiful_blogger_award

and now I must share 7 things about me (you hopefully don’t already know):

1. My  middle name is Melinda

2. I always make the same wish on stars, b-day cake, wishing wells (no I’m not going to tell you what it is)

3. I love hiking, but I hate bugs – I wish I didn’t have this conflict of interests!

4. I think I may love dogs and cats more than people

5. I enjoy yelling

6. I hate the snow (this one is recently discovered)

7. I like big butts and I cannot lie (well, I can lie, but for the most part I don’t)


  1. says

    haha i enjoy yelling too!
    hate snow too
    I LOVE BIG BUTTS, i want one
    hahaha number 4..amen..i cry when animals die in movies more than when humans do!

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