Unexpectedly Busy and Snacky

Today ended up being unexpectedly busy as I needed to finish up a few projects and wanted to find a gym. I didn’t take pics of my food because I was very snacky and very stress snacky today. But, I’m not too worried about it right now because I still have a few things to do before I have time to care :)

Today was unexpectedly beautiful! Ben and I took advantage of this rare, but pretty day with a walk.IMG_4277

It was even warm enough for Ben to take off his beanie, but put it back on when he remembered his hat hair is crazy.IMG_4278

I did find and sign up for a gym! I can’t wait to tell check it out tomorrow. I actually don’t like gyms at all, but more on that later…

Now I am going to try and wrap things up and get to sleep! See you in the morning.


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