Cleaning Up My Act


This post is going to be short because I really need to clean up around here. I feel like a messy home just makes me feel messy in general and out of control :(  So, I picked up some new cleaning supplies at Target today and I'm ready to clean up my act! Illness Update: The doc told me to call him if I was still having coughing/mucous issues in a week. I called this morning … [Read more...]

Bread and Bars


This morning I wanted to do a little running before I hit up a strength class at the gym. Time was against me so I did 3 miles on the treadmill and hurried off. *Oh, I also sent my phone (used as an ipod) crashing to the ground at one point. Lame. Since I'm new to the gym, and it's big and a little confusing I might have peeked in the wrong room for the stength class I … [Read more...]

It’s Safe to Assume…


A high school teacher used to tell us to never assume because it made an "ass out of u & me". But, it is safe to assume... That I will snack on something while making dinner (even though it's a habit I'm trying to break). In this case it was goat cheese and crackers... It's safe to assume I will get a diet Coke from the mall. This was necessary hydration after walking … [Read more...]