It’s Safe to Assume…

A high school teacher used to tell us to never assume because it made an “ass out of u & me“. But, it is safe to assume…

That I will snack on something while making dinner (even though it’s a habit I’m trying to break). In this case it was goat cheese and crackers…IMG_4353

It’s safe to assume I will get a diet Coke from the mall. This was necessary hydration after walking around the mall for a while with Rose. But, for a Chickpea Lover’s Club meeting we didn’t discuss chickpeas nearly enough. Rose, I suggest another meeting to remedy this!IMG_4364

For dinner I made an egg scramble with spinach, onions and cheese. This dish is so simple and so yummy!IMG_4355

It’s also safe to assume I will cover anything I can with loads of ketchup.IMG_4357

It’s safe to assume I will want something sweet after dinner. I started to grab some cookie pieces Ben’s mom sent, but remembered I’ve been wanting to try Tina‘s 3-min oatmeal cookie. It was good! But – it’s not what I think of when I think “cookie”. I covered it with pumpkin butter :)IMG_4363

It’s safe to assume Ben will rummage around in the kitchen a few hours after dinner and tempt me with sounds of snacking…IMG_4366

It’s safe to assume that I will come home with something new every time I go to Trader Joes.IMG_4365

It’s safe to assume I picked a winner when I married Ben because he came home with a massage gift certificate for me!  IMG_4358

It’s safe to assume I will appreciate that massage 1,000x more than normal since I’ve recently ran a marathon and am getting over being ill…

And lastly, it’s safe to assume I will have plenty  more lame posts where this came from. Stay tuned :)


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    If you haven’t dipped into that bag of TJ pita chips with sea salt, don’t! They are evil evil evil. Simply put the bag in a box and ship them to me. I will remove them from your sphere of temptation and make sure they are disposed of. (Smacking my lips and getting the pie hole ready….)

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