Shakes at the Mall

After church Ben dropped me off at the mall while he ran an errand. I walked around and around for almost and hour before he was back. By that time it was almost 2pm so we figured we’d have lunch. The whole time I was walking by myself everything looked so tempting, but I didn’t think I was hungry since I had a big breakfast.

But, when we started eating Ben noticed that I was shaking – a lot. I did feel very shaky, but it makes me self-conscious so I try to ignore or hide it most of the time. My body was trying to tell me something was off, but since I’m still learning how to read my hunger I wasn’t listening. I must have had low blood sugar or something. Hmmm, I obviously need to be more aware of my body.

In other news…the lady at the Asian food counter said they had brown rice so I told Ben that’s where I wanted to eat. He ordered. Then, I ordered and it turns out by brown rice they mean fried rice. F-word. Since they already served Ben his food I didn’t want to opt out and go somewhere else (this was the best choice at that tragic food court as it was). So, I got tofu, veggies and white rice. You do the best with what you’ve got.IMG 4514 400x300 Shakes at the Mall

Oh, and as soon as Ben joined me he got this Boba almond tea and I had a drink or two. It feels like we’re in Irvine again icon smile Shakes at the MallIMG 4512 300x400 Shakes at the Mall

I woke up hungry today – I think it was partially due to de-hydration. I was super thirsty last night and did drink water, but not enough. I had a small bowl of cereal before doing 30 minutes of yoga. I bought this DVD recently. I love that it’s super slow paced. I haven’t done yoga consistently in a while and I’m not very good at it. This makes me like it again icon smile Shakes at the MallIMG 4516 300x400 Shakes at the Mall

Breakfast was French Toast again. I am la-la-loving this meal! And for some reason I cannot get enough PB either! I am loving this Flax Plus PB stuff after all (at first not so much).IMG 4508 400x300 Shakes at the MallFor some reason I just feel shaky today, and it’s not because of too much caffeine because I can drink a Big Gulp of Diet Coke no problem. I might be a goner. Well, it was nice knowing you all… I’m off to chug some water since I just ate a SB bar and still feel hungry!IMG 4519 300x400 Shakes at the Mall

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