How I Met Ben and Lunch

monica and ben grand can

I thought it was weird that even though I ate a huge bowl of oatmeal around 10:30am,  I was hungry for lunch at 11:30am?! Then, I realized it's because I ate breakfast so late that I was hungry again. I had been up since before 6:30am, ran 5.8 miles and didn't eat a full meal until 10:30am = a very messed up blood sugar. Even though I had just ate I listened to my body and … [Read more...]

Running Vest and Chickpea Casserole


This morning I added another layer to my running gear - a vest! This isn't actually meant to be a "running" vest per se, but I needed something else to keep me warm without making me overheat. It worked perfectly! Before I left for my run I ate a small bowl of cereal. I knew I would be stalling for a bit while it got a little warmer out :) I did 5.85 miles in 52:37 My … [Read more...]

Questions, Comments…

Me and Michael

My seventh grade science teacher would always say, "Questions? Comments? Complaints keep to yourself." Ha, I love saying that now. I am totally digging all these questions from my anonymous question form. I'm going break up my answers in different posts because I don't want it to get too boring... Question: How do you remain so positive? Monica: Ouch, are you trying … [Read more...]