Sushi and Trader Joes

After my massage I went to Trader Joes and came out with two new finds. I think this first one is going to make you jealous… Crunchy Salted Almond Butter with Flax Seed. This may change my life.IMG 4657 400x300 Sushi and Trader Joes

I had half of one of these muffins on the way home. icon smile Sushi and Trader Joes IMG 4660 300x400 Sushi and Trader Joes

I was craving sushi and Ben thought it was a good idea so we met for dinner. I started with miso soup. Why are Japanese restuarants always so hard to take pics in?IMG 4642 400x300 Sushi and Trader Joes

This is how I roll…IMG 4647 400x300 Sushi and Trader Joes

I forgot what the rolls are called. What do you expect? I’m not some rollologist.IMG 4649 400x300 Sushi and Trader Joes

Ben loves green tea ice cream and I never turn down ice cream so we shared this.IMG 4653 400x300 Sushi and Trader Joes

I capped off the night with a piece of dark chocolate, but I’m feeling a little snacky. I might have some fruit.

Tomorrow I have an assessment with a trainer at the gym. I guess it’s a free thing new members get. I just want to know how to use all the weird machines. I might ask her to cut to the chase…

Thanks for all the great comments on my last post! There is plenty more where that came from, you guys have sent me so many great questions!


  1. Amelia says

    That sushi looks delicious!! I’m always looking for new sushi restaurants to try in MD. Do you mind telling me what restaurant this is??

  2. says

    ahah, you definitely need to have her cut to the chase. also, beware of TJ’s goodies–they mold sooo quickly.I’ve often bought pies and muffins from there but don’t anymore. No baked good lasts long enough at my house to show signs of mold but these transform SO quickly. Scarf em up fast and definitely keep them in the fridge or they’ll be blue and furry before you know it.

  3. says

    AHHH! Almond Butter with Flax! I have the PB with Flax and I love it! I only have a Tbsp of PB with flax left (so sad) and no TJ’s for hundreds of miles :(
    Oh well… Have a great day!

  4. says

    Green tea ice cream…I’ve seen that at sushi places and always wanted to try some. what’s it like? That almond butter looks good! Tell us how it is


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