Diet GPS


Even if you don't have a GPS you have probably been in a car at one time with one. If so, then you know what happens when you go the wrong way... Suddenly Tomtom (or whoever is directing you) says, "What the hell you loser?! I told you to go left, why did you go right?! You are stupid..." No. That is not what happens. The GPS actually says, "Re-calculating..." and finds … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Mexican Pizza


For this installment of Mexican Meatless Monday I wanted to do a Mexican take on one of my favorite foods - Pizza! Pizza actually might be my all time favorite food and I love trying new kinds. For this version I used a whole wheat pita as the "crust" and leftover refried beans as the "sauce". Then I topped that with a little bit of salsa. I was very generous with the beans … [Read more...]

A Different Speed


One of my current goals is to get faster! I really want to break 4 hours in the marathon, but I have actually gotten slower in the past year rather than faster?! I don't really like speed work, but I think it's because I haven't given it enough of a chance. This morning I tried a speed work-out on the treadmill. I ended up doing an easier w/o than I planned, but it's better … [Read more...]

Cookies and Milk


The highlight of my day is def the cookies and milk I am currently enjoying. Is that sad? No. Because cookies and milk freakin' rock. I used the cute tea cup and saucer for my treat. Today was a really weird day eating wise. I could not get full at all, then  finally got too full when I came home and ate a SB bar and veggie crisps and the rest of my lunch. I kinda grazed … [Read more...]

Shakes at the Mall


After church Ben dropped me off at the mall while he ran an errand. I walked around and around for almost and hour before he was back. By that time it was almost 2pm so we figured we'd have lunch. The whole time I was walking by myself everything looked so tempting, but I didn't think I was hungry since I had a big breakfast. But, when we started eating Ben noticed that I … [Read more...]

Place of the Plunge and Annapolis

Ben and I drove around Maryland today and one of our stops was the sight of next week's Polar Bear Plunge. It is held every year at Sandy Point State Park. Ever heard of the Polar Bear Plunge? From the website: Experience the 2010 Polar Bear Plunge and you’ll be exposed to a spectacle like no other! For just $50 in pledges, Plunge participants take a quick dip in the … [Read more...]

Eating like I’m training


Today I did 8.77 miles very slow. Ugh, I don't know what's up with my pace lately  :( I was shooting for between 8 and 10 miles depending on how I felt. My knee started hurting around mile 4 and went away for a bit, then came back. I'm going to ice it in a bit. I guess I'm used to running super long training runs on Saturday because I fueled before and after the run like it … [Read more...]

Because I’m Mexican…


Because I'm Mexican I made Ben a killer quesadilla for dinner... after all Mexican food is my specialty :) Because I'm Mexican, and have quite the voluptuous booty,  means my quesadilla must be much smaller so I still fit in my pants... Because I'm Mexican I will not admit that the beans on this salad are from a can. My abuelita would be so ashamed... Because I'm Mexican I … [Read more...]

Kickin It


I loved kickboxing! It wasn't difficult cardio wise, but it was a little challenging to learn all the moves that everyone else seemed to already know. I think my dance/cheer background helped me catch on fast though :) I don't know what it is but I feel hungry as soon as I leave the gym. I'm thinking it may be dehydration? Hmmm. Anyways, as soon as I got home I put some … [Read more...]

A purpose for diet bread


I found a great purpose for my old "diet" bread - French Toast! I've been craving it and fixing up crappy bread with a good egg mixture, PB and maple syrup was sure to make it good :) I dipped three slices in egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon, splash of milk and chia seeds. Can you see the seeds? I had the last of an almond butter jar so I made oats in a jar for Ben. I … [Read more...]

Who Influences Who


I have been blogging for almost two years (!) and reading for longer. Recently, I have been thinking about how I am still so influenced by other blogs. A lot of it is good, I am grateful to Kath for her delicious oatmeal topping ideas and Roni for her honesty about maintaining her weight loss. While I love getting new healthy eats and exercise ideas from blogs, I hate to … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up My Act


This post is going to be short because I really need to clean up around here. I feel like a messy home just makes me feel messy in general and out of control :(  So, I picked up some new cleaning supplies at Target today and I'm ready to clean up my act! Illness Update: The doc told me to call him if I was still having coughing/mucous issues in a week. I called this morning … [Read more...]

Bread and Bars


This morning I wanted to do a little running before I hit up a strength class at the gym. Time was against me so I did 3 miles on the treadmill and hurried off. *Oh, I also sent my phone (used as an ipod) crashing to the ground at one point. Lame. Since I'm new to the gym, and it's big and a little confusing I might have peeked in the wrong room for the stength class I … [Read more...]

It’s Safe to Assume…


A high school teacher used to tell us to never assume because it made an "ass out of u & me". But, it is safe to assume... That I will snack on something while making dinner (even though it's a habit I'm trying to break). In this case it was goat cheese and crackers... It's safe to assume I will get a diet Coke from the mall. This was necessary hydration after walking … [Read more...]

I love fruit too much


I just ate a whole cantaloupe. It was dee-lissh! I have a thing where once I start eating ripe fruit I cannot get enough. I think it's called "ilovefruittoomuchitis". It's quite a problem. Breakfast Habits - I think the consensus is - there is no consensus. Everyone must eat breakfast to their own tune. This means different times/foods/work-outs schedules for each of us. … [Read more...]

Fighting for Four


I stalled on going for my run and that's always bad news. After I woke up I checked email, made lunches and did some  internet research before getting ready to go. By that time it was after 9am and my stomach felt empty so I had some cereal... For some reason I was not feeling the run today and ended up fighting for four miles. I took several walk breaks and would have cut … [Read more...]