Super Market Craziness


Oh.My.Gosh. After my appointment this morning I had to hit up the super market because we're out of eggs and Ben is some kind of "eggatarian". I have never known anyone else that likes eggs as much as him. Good thing all these huevos are free since I won the Eggland's Best contest a while back! Anyways, back to the crazy super market. Apparently it is the Apocalypse because … [Read more...]

Announcement and Technology


Sorry I didn't post again yesterday. I was a mess. I ended up eating a bunch of crap our of fatigue and was unbelievably tired :( But - I am back in good spirits today! It's amazing what a good night's 9 hours of rest can do for you! First, my big announcement: I've decided to become a certified personal trainer. You guys know I have been really thinking about what I … [Read more...]