White Out and Warm Up


It is a complete White Out here! I still haven't made it to the gym :( because I'm afraid to even step outside for one minute. If I decide to go, I'm going to have to put on all my snow clothes and boots and then strip down and change shoes once I get there. Boo. The snow is still coming down very hard and we have really really strong winds too. Ben braved the snow for a few … [Read more...]

Snow Day


It is a snowpocalypse here! Really, really unbelievable. All the schools around here are closed, Ben has a snow day from work and it's still coming down. On the plus side, I see every little snowflake as a another reason why I'm moving to a warmer climate in a few months ;) I want to hit up the gym, but it's in the other building and our walks are still covered in snow, so I … [Read more...]

Food Photos and V Day


I have to apologize for today's food photos. I wasn't very patient with the camera and my food wasn't very nice to look at. But, I am documenting all the same :) After a casual stroll on the treadmill I had an afternoon snack of a Vita Muffin (part of my hunker down stash). And some cereal. This could have been more balanced, I realize. And dinner was roasted brussel, … [Read more...]