In Too Deep

Ben’s car got stuck in our very snow covered parking lot and he needed help this morning. He was completely covered in snow by the time I got outside to help him and I felt really bad :(

This picture is very pretty, but living in this is very unpleasant.

Since he was trying to get the wheels unstuck I was able to stay inside the car and steer it. Little by little we inched it out, but it took an hour! Reason #497 Why we are leaving MD – this has happened more than once and the news says there is still a month of winter. Fantastic.

Before Ben called me with the car situation I was sipping on some iced coffee and considering hitting up the treadmill for a walk (not run).

By the time I got back inside it was close to 10am and I needed breakfast before anything else. I made an egg beaters bagel sandwich and had some cherries on the side.

I only toasted the bagel thin for half the normal time since leaving it in any longer makes it too crunchy. I used Laughing Cow on one side of the bread and ketchup/hot sauce on the other. It was sooo good!

After getting the car unstuck Ben was supposed to park in an open space and come back inside to change. His pants were completely covered in snow and I saw snow in his pockets. But, he ended up calling me from the road and saying he was too afraid he was going to get stuck again and he was on his way to work like that. I feel bad for my cold, wet guy :(


  1. says

    I am sorry you are getting all of this crazy snow! I am sorry that Ben got stuck and had to go in to work covered in the snow, too. Maybe he could keep a change of clothes in his car for days like this – just in case?

  2. Cat says

    Yeah, this snow sucks!! But to defend Maryland, we’ve never received this much snow before in such a short time. Last year we barely got any snow!

  3. says

    I feel bad that I have been complaining about the piddly snow we have here in KC! That looks awful, I am hoping for spring to come soon for you guys!

  4. says

    Wow! Beeing stuck because of the snow is something I´ve never experienced. We don´t have snow in Brazil… Unfortunately.
    You should come over! It´s 110 degrees in here :)
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  5. says

    Wait a minue. Didn’t Puxatawney Phil see his shadow? If that was Feb 2, that means there’s still five weeks of winter left! (Ha ha! Just rubbing it in. Get your butt out of there and back to a warm climate).

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