Drink In The Weekend

Today Ben and I just took some time to relax and hang out. I’m going to be gone next weekend so we wanted to just enjoy each other today :)

As you know I am big on any and all drinks – water, seltzer,  diet soda, vodka…

Well, when POM Wonderful offered to send me some juice I jumped at it. I usually try to stay away from juice (even though I often steal sips of Ben’s) because I’d rather eat the fruit. BUT – I prefer pomegranate juice to pom arils!

So,  I was very excited to get my hands on these cute little bottles.IMG_5532

I combined the POM Wonderful with seltzer to make a delicious “mock-tail”. For some reason this combo is a great thirst quencher too. IMG_5537

Today’s breakfast was a feast for the eyes and the mouth. French toast with cinnamon raisin bread, topped with maple syrup. Yum!IMG_5527 Lunch was basically leftovers from last night’s dinner – Chinese Food :) and I did some treadmill walking for exercise.

In the most exciting event of the day, we hit up Target and spotted a Shake Weight – to which Ben made several inappropriate comments about. No comment. *Warning the link to their website is just like an infomercial.IMG_5531 

Now I need to wrap up my HTML project so I can finally get to studying for the Personal Training certification!

See you tomorrow :)


  1. says

    hahah i can’t watch those infomercials at the gym because i laugh so hard that i’m afraid i’ll fall off the tm or drop a weight. tooo funny :)

    and i want those inappropriate comments. they make my night haha

  2. says

    haha! whenever I see the shake weight commercials I can’t help but immaturely laugh! Too funny! I probably think the same inappropriate things you two do…
    But in all seriousness… i wonder if it actually works?

  3. says

    im with you 100 percent on the juice vs arils debate. i dont hate arils but there is something strange about the crunch and the chew and the seediness. juice all the way! enjoy your samples!

  4. janetha says

    those shake weights crack me up! love that photo of you. good thing you and ben were able to get some quality time in!

  5. says

    I love the POM juice. The best thing is that it’s 100% POM with nothing added. I make mocktails with it, too, though I add a little bit of lime to my drinks. They’re tasty! And if other people are drinking, it looks like an alcoholic drink, so no one notices. :-)


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