My Big Bottle of Water

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I lost my BIG bottle of water when we went to Florida for the marathon. I was devastated.IMG_5902

I bought those other bottles to replace it, but it just wasn’t the same. Since the colored bottles are half the size of my OG bottle I have not been drinking as much water. I have, however, been drinking a lot of sody to replace water. Boo to Monica.IMG_4518

But today I had an appointment near REI – the home of my HUGE water bottle! I didn’t even realize until I was getting off the freeway and spotted it. After my appt. I went in and bought their last two huge bottles. IMG_5903

Reunited and it feels so good…IMG_5904

My mom and I took a walk this morning and then I got ready for life.

Breakfast was another re-united fave: Green Monster!

I love life right now.IMG_5899

With PB and cinnamon sugar toast on my fave bread :)IMG_5900

I just shoved half of this bar in my mouth too. Love this flavor. Love. (I love everything today!)IMG_5901

Now I am off to meet my mom for lunch at her work. See ya later!!


  1. says

    I have one of those PB & J Larabars in my drawer, but I’m afraid to try it. For some reason I just ate vending machine crackers w/ PB instead of the Larabar. Hmmm…

  2. says

    I had two Nalgene bottles similar to those. Same colors, but mine were shorter and fatter. 32oz, I believe. Unfortunately both of them met their untimely demise in seperate dishwasher accidents. I’m not even sure they’re dishwasher safe, but I put them in there anyway and they both got too close to the heating element. Oops.
    I’m glad you’re loving life right now.

  3. says

    yay for getting two new bottles! i think i need to try that flavor of larabar because everyone is raving about it. glad youre having a good day :)

  4. says

    48oz Nalgene! I want one of those! I have a 32 oz reusable bottle. Drink about 4-5 per day! 48oz would be so convenient! Enjoy the rest of your time home!!

  5. Amanda says

    Reunited and it feels so good ….. great now the song is playing in my head! Oh well, I’m glad you got a replacement bottle!

  6. says

    That’s great that you were able to get a new water bottle! I used to have one with me at work all the time, but now I just keep a larger glass at my desk that I refill all day. I figure as long as I have to pee, I’m good. LOL!

    I sooo have to make some PB on toast with cinnamon – that looks delicious! My oldest brother used to love cinnamon sugar on toast – it was always so yummy. :-)


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