Car Accidents and Chocolate

After my great “I love everything!” post today I went to meet my mom for lunch. On the way I a car hit me from behind at a red light. They hit me hard.

Then, they drove away. WTF.

Did I mention I was in my mom’s car?

Yes. God has a way of keeping me in reality when I am getting a little too happy about unimportant things.

But, I’m okay and the car is okay. Only minor damage to both. I have a slight headache, so I might be a little sore in the neck tomorrow, but I am fine :)

I did eventually get to my mom’s work and we ate a quick lunch together. My mom is a teacher so she couldn’t just postpone lunch until I got there.

I had made us salads with the works! Spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots, hummus, peas, black beans and dressing. My mom was impressed with my salad making skills :)IMG_5905

I also packed bread with butta and an apple.IMG_5908

I went home and had my brother look at the car – he said it would be okay and just needed to get a new light bulb because the accident broke it somehow? The bumper is a little loose now though too.

But, I didn’t even realize it and started emotionally eating. I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips and then these candies….  that’s when I realized I needed to stop and walk away. And I did :) Okay, maybe after another handful of choc chips.IMG_5909

Then, my mom took me shopping and I got an iced coffee. It made me feel better.IMG_5916

Who’s that girl that takes pictures of flowers at Costco?

Oh, it’s me. You guys read the blog of a weirdo. IMG_5911

We also snacked on these Veggie Crisps while driving around. Ha, now I’ve got my mom addicted to these too.IMG_5913

Dinner was boxed Indian food – which I swear tastes better than it sounds :) After this picture my mom brought out this fancy wheat bread from a bakery at her retreat. So good!


After dinner I unwound by eating cookies. And that’s when I realized I am a cookie-aholic. I am glad I’m not an alcoholic, but cookies are more readily available and can be just as dangerous for some people.

I feel really bad about getting in an accident in my mom’s car (even though it was not my fault). I should talk about this with a friend and not avoid my feelings with my frenemy = Amos (as in Famous Amos).IMG_5922

Anyone else have a major fail today? I hope not!

But feel free to vent in the comments :)


  1. says

    Yikes! What a douchetastic loser! I’m glad you are feeling ok. And there are no “unimportant things” when it comes to happiness!

  2. Jesse says

    Oh I am so sorry you got hit by a car! That must have been scary and shook you up. So glad you are OK and hope your neck is feeling alright tommorow. Yes, sometimes we all turn to cookies for a lil’ lovin. That’s awesome that you recognized it and stopped. Even better than cookies for comfort are bubble baths and good friends/husbands/pets to be there for you and help you feel better! :)

  3. says

    I’m so sorry and so glad you are okay.

    You are my daily blog read, along with EatLiveRun and it was so weird because her car got hit today, too. In California.

    Here is to a much better tomorrow!

    And I feel ya on the cookies. xo

  4. kim says

    Sorry you had such a bad day? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but didn’t you give up sweets for lent? Perhaps refocusing on that will help you get back on track. Good luck having a better day today!

  5. says

    I’m so sorry, and I’m glad you’re okay!!! Did this person not realize they hit you, or are they just a jerk??? I don’t understand people.
    Cookies are my drug of choice too.

  6. says

    Wow, what a crappy day. And you were so happy in the post before.
    I’m glad you’re okay and that your mom’s car will survive; it’s too bad there are so many jerks out there that won’t stop after they’ve cleary hit another car.
    I’m an emotional eater, too. I get this “I had a bad day, I deserve this” mentality and it never goes well.
    I hope today is better.

  7. Katherine says

    I’m so glad you’re okay!! Accidents are so scary so I can understand why you reached for the cookies. I wouldn’t consider that a fail though bc you stopped AND you wrote about the experience. In fact, I’d call that a success! Take it easy and have a great Thursday!

  8. says

    Major fail yesterday-I had a super duper carb overload. Oh well, today’s a new day. Glad that you weren’t hurt in the accident, but what kind of jerk hits a car and then drives off? boo.

  9. says

    I’m sorry you got in an accident. I once bumped an old truck in front of me (we were turning right at a light and I assumed he was getting ready to go and I was looking to my left for traffic and bumped him before I realized he was still there). I followed him for a couple of miles waiting for him to pull over so we could exchange information. Finally, I just figured he didn’t even feel the bump and I didn’t know what else to do so I turned around and went about my day.

    This obviously has nothing to do with your situation, just made me think about that weird incident.

  10. Christy says

    I can’t believe the person drove away! Too bad you didn’t get their license plate. But glad to hear the damage was minor and you are ok. Yesterday I turned into snacky mcsnackster and couldn’t stop snacking. I think it was because I was craving frozen yogurt but felt guilty about buying it since I am trying to cut back. So I kept eating other things that just didn’t satisfy. By the end I was worse off than if I had just spent the few bucks and got the fro-yo! Lesson learned!

  11. says

    omg that’s terrible! i certainly have some choice words to describe that driver but i don’t think theyre appropriate for the blog-o-sphere. even here 😉

    but glad youre okay. that’s the most important part!

  12. says

    I’m glad you are okay! I was hit from behind once, and didn’t even see it coming!!! It was scary! I hope you have a better day today!!!

  13. beth says

    What an A-hole! I am a firm, firm believer in Karma and whoever that was will be paying for his/her actions in the future!

    I love boxed indian food. In fact, I usually take it camping because it is sooooo easy to make. All you gotta do is boil water or dump it in a pot. I does look gross, but tastes so good!

  14. Ashley C says

    Omg that’s so crappy! I’m sorry people suck :-( I’m glad you and the car are okay though. Good job for stopping and realizing you were emotionally eating. I totally understand though, and I would probably have done the same. I was thinking of you though because last night I was really tired and was about to go eat more food when I realized that I am just tired so I laid down instead– yay for minor victories 😀

  15. says

    That sucks about the accident! Who just drives away?? Well, hopefully karma will come back to get them!

    Nothing crappy has happened to me, yet, but I’ve had a major headache since Sunday and am really looking forward to physio so I can my neck looked at (which I’m sure is the culprit!).

    Yum – Indian food! It’s my favourite and I’m so debating on whether or not I should go out for some on my birthday … healthy or Indian?

    And cookies! Another fave. :-)


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