Leaving Long Beach

I flew out of Long Beach today and always forget how much I love this airport until I use it. I was checked in and through security in under ten minutes! That includes the time I took to stop and take this picture. IMG_5936

This is how people wait for their flights in the LBC… It’s nice here. Real nice.IMG_5933

One last look of the palm trees before I head back to Maryland where it’s not very merry at all. I know I complain way too much about the cold, but c’mon – for over twenty years this is all I knew.


See ya later SoCal!IMG_5935

I packed a lunch to eat before my 12:30pm flight. Here are all the goods – sandwich, bell pepper strips, blueberries and a Luna bar. I am always afraid of running out of food. This is why you’re fat.IMG_5937

But – I micro-waved my Boca Chik’n patty way too long and it shrunk and was crunchy. Boo. Here it is on a sandwich thin. You guys know how small sammie thins are compared to normal bread and the patty is still smaller. Oh, well I ate it :)IMG_5942

Traveling can take a toll on your body and immune system.

Eat your colors for health!!!IMG_5939 

This is the contrasting view I had when I landed in Salt Lake City for my layover. From palm trees to snow capped mountains. They are pretty though :)


My flight leaves SLC around 5pm and lands in MD after 11pm. So, I need to pick up some dinner from the airport. I spotted a few vegetarian items on one of the pub menus that sound very good.

I probably won’t see you again until tomorrow since I’ll get home so late. Someone record The Office for me!!!


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    have a nice flight!
    blargh, i’m always worried i’ll run out of food. or at least the specific things i want to eat. i go to the grocery store every 3 days … it’s a bad habit i guess.

  2. says

    i love eating colorfully too! i used to eat really boring and plain looking things but lately i’ve been on a “make my plate look like a rainbow” kick :)

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    When you said “nice…. real nice”…. was it just me or was that your impression of Eddie from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation? Haha maybe it was just me… but whenever I say the words “real nice” out loud I always do it in an Eddie voice 😉

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    Good for you – packing your a lunch for the airport. I always think of snacks and food for car trips, but never airline trips, though I’m sure there are rules when going from Canada to the States (which is weird because I’m sure I could bring all the food I want on a European flight), but it’s always nice to be prepared.

    Love the mountains!


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