All the help I can get

I think I may be fighting off getting sick. I was really really tired all afternoon, even after two huge iced coffees!

So tonight I drank one of the POM Wonderful juices the company sent me. I’m hoping the vitamins and anti-oxidants in this will help kill off any lurking illness. IMG_6137

Dinner was tofu tacos – this time I didn’t use a seasoning packet, but seasoned the tofu myself with chili powder, cumin, S&P and garlic. It was good! I love this dinner :)

To Make: I squeeze the liquid out of firm tofu for an hour, cook up onions and garlic (until nice and clear/toasty) and then crumble the tofu into the pan by hand. Then, I added the spices to taste. Super easy and delicious. I stuffed this mix into TJ’s taco shells and topped with cheese.

The only negative about this meal is it was hard to photograph – I couldn’t get a good pic.IMG_6134

I think I may also drink a Vitamin C packet and get to sleep early. By early I mean right after LOST of course!

Does anyone else know of any good remedies to ward off illness? I usually just get some extra Vitamin C and rest – that usually works great for me :)

I told my mom I probably have the cancer, but she wasn’t too alarmed. You read the blog of a hypochondriac, or I’m actually dying – I hope it’s the former….


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    I do the same as you to ward off illness, I also pop tylonol cold and sinus like it’s my job every 4 hours. It seems to do the trick.

    I live with a hypochondriac, and kind of am one myself. A few weeks ago I had weird stomach pains and after a few clicks on the most dangerous website ever created (web md) I diagnosed myself with endomitriosis and IBS. I was unable to bear children and had a future filled with butt explosions. Turns out it was just gas. ANother time I thought I had kidney stones but I was just “backed up”. That took a trip to the ER to determine, how embarrassing.

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    I think seasoning tacos from scratch is the best way to go. Less sodium and MSG goes into the food.

    For warding off sickness, try drinking oregano tea/oil of oregano. You can also try ginger tea. Ginger tea works wonders for me!

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    I actually think water is my best trick. I drink a lot of water when I feel ill. This includes plain old water, tea, etc. I tend to think there is a bug in my system somewhere and it helps to “drain” it out.

    Then again, I’m really old school and try not to fill up on OTC medicines

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    I would try Airborne. My fiancee had flu/swine flue (?) this winter and even though we live together, I never caught it or felt the least bit sick. I took one once a day and made him take two.

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