One Apple One Dollar

Since I normally buy produce in bulk (at Costco) I don’t really think about how much certain things cost individually.

This afternoon I was craving an apple so I stopped in the store for an apple and DP. As the title says, the apple was $1.00. Interesting. I think it’s a good idea for me to be reminded how much fruit and veggies cost because I feel like I spend soooo much money on them at Costco, but I am really saving money. appleI also had some trail mix, but I’ll spare you the tragic camera phone picture. 

Dinner was white doughy cheese bread – definitely the highlight of the meal. I usually make a healthier version of this bread for myself and this kind for Ben. But – I always end up stealing some of his because it’s better – so this time I just made some for myself too!IMG_6197

Plus tomato soup jazzed up with chickpeas (shocker, I know) and corn…IMG_6198

See you Friday morning :)


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    where did you find an apple for $1. even at the cheapo grocery stores i shop at the apples aren’t a dollar. then again i buy apples that are quite hefty hah

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    That seems expensive for an apple. I buy a 5lb bag of organic apples for $3 here, but Upstate NY produces A LOT of apples so that might be why. That does look like a mighty big apple though!

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    That cheesy bread looks fantastic. I remember as a kid we would put american cheese on bread and then lay it in the oven. It was ready when it was just starting to get brown spots on it. Now I want cheese toast.

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