Running with a Smile


I did my first outside run today and I think I was running with a smile on my face the whole time :) Stats: 4miles in about 39 minutes. I’ve really slowed down on my time off, but this was my first real run since my injury, so patience is needed! When I got back I had one thing on my mind = Bagel! I ate half a ww bagel with AB and pumpkin butter. And a Green Monster in honor … [Read more...]

Lentils and Rice


Today I was working with: lentils, rice, tomato paste and stewed tomatoes. I considered making the Lentil Loaf I made a year ago (blogs are so cool in how you can keep track of that stuff!). But, I decided to wing it instead of using a recipe. I figured I would cook the lentils, mix them up with tomato sauce and put it over the brown rice. After cooking the lentils I set them … [Read more...]