Running with a Smile

I did my first outside run today and I think I was running with a smile on my face the whole time :)

Stats: 4miles in about 39 minutes. I’ve really slowed down on my time off, but this was my first real run since my injury, so patience is needed!

When I got back I had one thing on my mind = Bagel! I ate half a ww bagel with AB and pumpkin butter.IMG_6310

And a Green Monster in honor of St.Patrick’s Day!!!IMG_6311

After some good stretching and a shower I am chomping on a bowl of fruit. I can’t wait until watermelon and cherries are in season <3IMG_6312

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Who’s with me on this one???
I'm respectfully devoting the day after St. Patrick's Day to eating Lucky Charms in my underwear

Fun Fact: I’ve been to Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone :)

I hope locals really don’t pee on it like someone told me they do… I’ll see if I can dig up pictures for my lunch post.

I felt like a local because of my red hair – a tourist actually asked me for directions! Ha.


  1. Dynamics says

    Do not buy the Watermelon yet. I just did. The produce guys cart was in the way so I had him pick me out a watermelon. OMG, $1.29 a pound and a whooping 15.71 pounds or gasp…$20.27. AND… the thickest rind I have ever seen…8.21 pounds of rind.

    Congrats on being able to run. Starting out slow is a great idea. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

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