Breakfast All Day

I was a lazy food blogger today in that I didn’t take pictures of all my eats. Plus my food choices were un-impressive – breakfast and then more breakfast!

Ben and I slept in this morning. When we finally got up I was hungry! I ate a few bites of leftovers straight from the fridge and then we took a short bike ride (very short because we realized we were late for church).

Once home I made a bowl of oat bran for breakfast. It had oat bran, water, soy milk, chia seeds, protein powder and banana. Topped with AB :)DSCN6709

The exciting day in the life of Monica you missed went something like this:

– Church

– Costco

– Lunch: tuna wrap, rice crisp chips, orange (same as yesterday)

– Nap by accident while Ben and I got too comfy on the couch. Oops!

– Laundry

I know, I know – it’s all too exciting and you wish I’d made better documentation of my day. Sorry.

Today was particularly lame compared to what I did a year ago yesterday – Ben was getting his pilot’s license in CA and flew me to Santa Barbara for lunch (with his instructor).

Ben and I went our separate ways for dinner so I made a big bowl of cereals and granola. Granola from the bulk bins is the best! DSCN6714 I ate that cereal a while back and am probably going to get a snack right now :)

See you tomorrow!


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    The cherry tree photos are gorg! And I could eat breakfast for every single meal everyday if I didn’t force down a few veggies here and there! Is Ben a pilot?

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    Im glad Im not the only fridge snacker! I thought blogging would cut down on my tendency to grab & eat… but Im still working on it!

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    That’s awesome that Ben got his pilot’s license! I’ve had a few lessons, but it is just WAY too expensive for me to do right now. Congratulations to Ben on that one!
    Even boring days can still be nice ones :)

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