Breakfast All Day

I was a lazy food blogger today in that I didn’t take pictures of all my eats. Plus my food choices were un-impressive – breakfast and then more breakfast!

Ben and I slept in this morning. When we finally got up I was hungry! I ate a few bites of leftovers straight from the fridge and then we took a short bike ride (very short because we realized we were late for church).

Once home I made a bowl of oat bran for breakfast. It had oat bran, water, soy milk, chia seeds, protein powder and banana. Topped with AB icon smile Breakfast All DayDSCN6709 thumb Breakfast All Day

The exciting day in the life of Monica you missed went something like this:

- Church

- Costco

- Lunch: tuna wrap, rice crisp chips, orange (same as yesterday)

- Nap by accident while Ben and I got too comfy on the couch. Oops!

- Laundry

I know, I know – it’s all too exciting and you wish I’d made better documentation of my day. Sorry.

Today was particularly lame compared to what I did a year ago yesterday – Ben was getting his pilot’s license in CA and flew me to Santa Barbara for lunch (with his instructor).

Ben and I went our separate ways for dinner so I made a big bowl of cereals and granola. Granola from the bulk bins is the best! DSCN6714 thumb Breakfast All Day I ate that cereal a while back and am probably going to get a snack right now icon smile Breakfast All Day

See you tomorrow!


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    The cherry tree photos are gorg! And I could eat breakfast for every single meal everyday if I didn’t force down a few veggies here and there! Is Ben a pilot?

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    Im glad Im not the only fridge snacker! I thought blogging would cut down on my tendency to grab & eat… but Im still working on it!

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    That’s awesome that Ben got his pilot’s license! I’ve had a few lessons, but it is just WAY too expensive for me to do right now. Congratulations to Ben on that one!
    Even boring days can still be nice ones :)

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