Save the Best for Last

When you are eating do you save the best part for last?

Most of the time I eat a few bites of my favorite part of the meal. Then, I eat all the stuff that’s not my fave and save the last bites as the best ones.

Tonight I left a few chickpeas at the end of my salad and a BIG, delicious bite of this…cheese toast

But – with trail mix I do the opposite. I pick out all my faves and eat them first. Then, I’m left with a bag of cereal that used to have nuts, dried fruit and other goodies. Boo.cereal

Tonight I kept dinner on the lighter side with a big salad and garlic toast. I planned on having a protein shake while watching Lost. big salad But, I ended up getting distracted and by the time Lost was over I opted for the rest of my fruit salad from earlier and above mentioned trail mix.

My afternoon snackage was yogurt with cereal.

How exotic, I know… but I am lost with what to eat as a snack that is A.) High in protein and B.) Something I like. For now yogurt is the only thing that occurs to me. I might start making smoothies? I dunno.yogurt

Question: Do you save the best for last?

Me: Like I said, I do but I don’t think that’s very smart on my part. Because at the end of a meal if I am full I will still eat the rest because it’s my favorite part! I need to eat more like a finicky cat and less like a starving alley cat…

Oooh you know what’s another good bite to save for last? The very middle of a cinnamon roll…YUM! Someone (me) needs to go to bed before she starts thinking about getting her hands on one of these…cinnamon roll

This was what we had for breakfast the first half of our trip in Belize. Good times…


  1. says

    I do the same thing and I’ve come to the same conclusion that you end up eating more. Now I try to start taking some of ‘the best’ about halfway through my meal. Then as I fill up I finish that part off. Sometimes that stragety actually helps me to eat less because I don’t want an unexciting bite after finishing the best part.

  2. says

    mmmm.. middle of a cinnamon roll.. drool. YES! i save the best for last always! but i can see why it would be bad. i always portion my food out and plan to eat all of it though.. so it works out.

  3. says

    I used to love when my dad would make pillsbury cinnamon rolls…you have to make them in a giant circle all touching, so I’d take the one in the very middle with all the icing. It was like having a cinnamon roll with two middles…mmmm.
    I alwasy save the best for last…the last bit oif ice cream with all the good stuff in it (fudge, chunks of this and that), the good stuff in the salad, the part of the sandwich or wrap with the cheese/hummus in it…mmm

  4. says

    OMG, yes!! Back in high school my dad would buy us donuts on Sundays and he always got me a cinnamon maple one. I would ALWAYS save the very middle piece for last – yum! Now I just take one bite of my hubs donut (and try to get the best piece!). :)

  5. says

    I definitely save the best for last. When I eat a cupcake, which is like once in a blue moon, I eat the bottom first and save the frosting covered top part for last.
    I think yogurt is a great snack. Last night I was watching Unwrapped and they toured a Dannon factory. They said that the average person eats 5 lbs of yogurt a year. I think I eat 5lbs of yogurt a week!

  6. says

    I agree that the middle of the cinnamon roll is the best part! i don’t really like cinnamon rolls, but I’m a sucker for the center!!! Especially if it’s soaked with sugary icing!

  7. says

    Haha I always do that. During lunch I’ll eat my piece of fruit, then the sandwich, and then the crunchy snack. PB pretzels, granola bar, etc. Haha love saving the best for last.

  8. says

    I definitely save the best for last. My last bite is always a “favourite part” of the meal that I’ve saved. When I go for sushi, I always save a piece of salmon sashimi for last…

  9. Christy says

    When we get soft serve ice cream cones, I love the very last bite – the bottom of the cone with all the ice cream stuffed in the bottom. My husband is so awesome, he usually lets me have his last bite. Now that’s love!

    But the inside of a cinnamon roll is easily another fave!!

  10. says

    I absolutely save the best bite for last! It’s really funny when I’m eating a sandwich, because I do NOT think the crust is the best part. So I basically chew off all of the edges first, so that the last bite is one from the middle with all of the delicious filling!

  11. says

    I suppose I do save the best bites for last! But I also try to eat only food that I like, so I enjoy my meal from start to finish. Luckily for me, I’ve learned to love some pretty healthy stuff.

  12. says

    I just re-read that finicky cat vs. starving alley cat part of Intuitive Eating today. Strange that I followed right along with that part…

    I always save the best for last & it’s starting to piss me off. I get too full then keep eating anyway. Let’s stop doing this to ourselves, k?

  13. says

    Edamame also has high protein. do you like that?

    And I always eat what needs to be warm to taste the best first. if everything is cold I generally eat what I like best, because if I am full after that I dont want to continue. but if I eat worst first and then I am full after the first/worst part I know I will still eat the favorite part.

  14. says

    I Really realize what your position in this subject is. Even though I may disagree on some of the smaller aspects, I suppose you did an exceptional job outlining it. Certainly beats the need to research it by myself. Thanks.

  15. says

    I ALWAYS save the best bite for last! The other problem with this theory is that often the last bite is so good that there is no stopping me from getting seconds at that point. Perhaps it would be wiser to end the meal with a less delicious bite so that we aren’t left wanting more of a good thing? Haha, too much analyzing going on here so I’ll stop now. Have a wonderful day!

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