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I know I am not alone in my love obsession with Trader Joes. There are hundreds of bloggers out there who rave about TJ’s. Others who don’t have a TJ’s near them make it a point to stop at a store when they are out of town.Trader_Joe's_West_Hartford


They are rated the #4 Healthiest Store in America – which means they are on the radar of healthy living blogs across the country. trader-joes


But, they don’t have a solid social media presence. I find this disappointing and emailed them today asking if they had plans to expand their social media (and if they needed me to help with that) 😉

I know I often mention the store and my favorite products! Many, many bloggers do this too. Imagine how much play they’d get online if they actually encouraged relationships online?!

Who in for some campaigning the company to hire me and blow up their online presence?!

Oh, I ate cereal this morning and then went for a very slow run. Cereal before a run never works for me. Boo. DSCN0334 I am meeting a friend for lunch and then have an appointment. I’ll see ya later :)


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    I do not have a Trader Joe’s nearby but always look in cities I am visiting for one – their food is great!

    It would be great if you could do some social media work for TJs – good luck!

    Hope you enjoyed your run.

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    Good for you for doing that. I thought about pitching myself to Kashi since they’re in my town, but I decided I was underquailfied to be their social media maven 😉 I am also praising TJ all the time…I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend’s mom to shop there. She always comments on how she “needs to go” I know she never will!

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    I’m so happy to finally live near a Trader Joe’s. The problem is that while it’s nearby, it’s in the exact opposite location of where I generally conduct all my errand running/ shopping. I don’t get there nearly as often as I’d like because it’s just too inconvenient to go there on a regular basis.

    I agree that their website is a little lackluster; you’d be perfect at promoting them via social media.

    I’m also not a HUGE fan of their sales flyer (flier?). It’s too hard to read. But maybe that’s just me.

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    we have tried to contact TJ’s about all sorts of things and never get much of a response from them. the employees are always so helpful but the people behind the scenes…not so much, so yes! I vote Monica for TJ social media VP

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    I didn’t discover TJ’s until about a year ago since we don’t have any in Kentucky. Now I can’t even imagine living somewhere that didn’t have one!

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    that would be SO COOL if you were doing social media stuff for them. that said, i don’t really go there ever. i equate it with whole foods and (no idea if thats a fair comparison or not though) and i stay far away. i feel like if i shopped there i’d only be able to buy half of my usual groceries

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      That’s not at all what it’s like. Have you been to one before?
      I feel like TJ’s is opting for the riding the bike to run errands and WF’s is like driving the Prius there. Both are good, but in a different way.

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    There’s no Trader Joe’s around here! Isn’t that ridiculous!!?!?
    I went to NYC a few weeks ago, hunted down a TJs and waited in line for 40 minutes to buy almond butter, dried fruit, soup and tea! … Mild obsession…

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    I would marry Trader Joe’s if I could so I am definitely with you for helping with their online presence!!!

    My post today only mentioned four of their goodies and I feel like I need to put a disclaimer on there that I don’t work for them.

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    I really don’t mean to be a buzz kill, but I think all these comments here are a justification as to maybe why they don’t spend time or money on an online presence. Why? You all say you you shop there anyway! And without a social media presence. And why is that? Because they have cheap prices on lots of stuff that is double the price at the regular grocery store! I’d rather have a company be able to keep their prices low than spend money on what could end up being superfluous for an already flourishing company (seriously, if you saw the lines at San Francisco TJs you’d prefer they not bring in more customers!).

    Not that I don’t want Monica to get a job 😉 You’re lovely and would probably bring them tons o’ new business! Just a little two cents over here from a spoiled Californian that has access to WAY too much good food all the time!

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    The ironic thing about TJs is they were originally a liquor store in Pasadena. We used to go there to get strange and exotic beer when I was in college (that was a *long* time ago).

    I now practically live at TJ’s. I have three within 10 miles of my home!

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