Eggs and Waffles

Last night I set my alarm for 6:30am. I wanted to knock out 9 miles before Ben and I drove around Maryland.

But, we ended up staying up till almost 2am! Let’s just say I hit snooze a few times 😉

I did eventually get up and off on my run. Before I left I had a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios. Apparently Ben underestimates my ability to seek out food that is supposed to be hidden.IMG_6822

Run: 9 miles in about 1:30. Next week I am going to start pushing myself to speed up. But, I think I’ll speed up slowly – does that make sense?

I knew what I wanted for breakfast before I even got back home – Chicken Eggs and Waffles. I’m sad to say that I’ve never had Chicken and Waffles and I lived in the LBC where there is a Roscoe’s and everything. #fail on my part. bacon waffleI think I may cave and try it if I’m ever it up the Roscoe’s. I believe it’s a right of passage or something…

My eggs and waffles with Maple/Agave Syrup and love. IMG_6827

I also ate enough pineapple for my stomach to feel acidic. Yummy but painful.pineapple

Now Ben is taking me somewhere. I don’t think he knows where we’re going, but sometimes you have to just get in the car and see where you end up… wish me luck.IMG_6831

Happy Saturday!


  1. Kate G. says

    i really like that picture of you and ben, maybe im weird but it’s cute how he is looking back at you!!
    ps those chocolate cheerios are CRACK haha i know what you mean about having to have them hidden!

  2. says

    I only made it to Roscoe’s once in my four years living in LA, but it was worth it :) you must go next time you are back in SoCal!

    Question… I am sure you have mentioned this before but, what is your egg cooking method? Are those microwave eggs? How do you do it?

    Also, I have been reading your blog a while and have never commented before, just want to say I love it!

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