Just Add Syrup

After dinner I wanted a baked goodie icon smile Just Add Syrup So I decided to make something that I had seen on Janetha’s blog – Apple Cinnamon Protein Coffee Cake.IMG 6998 thumb Just Add Syrup

I think I did something wrong though because it wasn’t sweet at all. So…I added syrup!

I ate a lot of syrup today! First on pancakes for breakfast and now on two pieces of this bread! Oh well, it’s my cheat day.

This picture is “pre-syrup”.

IMG 7001 thumb Just Add Syrup

Lunch was sushi from Costco. Yeah, you can get anything there! It’s not a fancy sushi joint by any means. But – I don’t really like “real” sushi anyways and mostly order CA rolls and stuff like that. So, this works for me. IMG 6991 thumb Just Add Syrup

Dinner consisted of many things – the best and most volume was GUACAMOLE!!! 

This portion of the guac was enjoyed on an amazing quesadilla, but there was also chips involved. I’m lucky (or unlucky?) Ben likes guac too so I don’t eat the whole container by myself (yeah, just 3/4 of it). IMG 6994 thumb Just Add Syrup

Plus a huge salad. IMG 6995 thumb Just Add Syrup

Now I am going to spend some time with Ben. We’ve been fighting today  icon sad Just Add Syrup

Boo. I think we need some cuddle time with wine…

See you tomorrow.


  1. says

    Not knowing where you’re gonna live is stressful!!! No wonder you guys are bickering. No worries, wine and cuddling fix all. (And chocolate.) :)

  2. says

    wow, it turned out super good! well, so it looks. i wonder why it wasnt sweet? mine was pretty damn sweet, with the brown sugar and the wholesome sweeteners in there. oh well, syrup makes everything better!

  3. says

    Ahhh I wanna make that! Maybe I’ll add a little extra suga :D

    Hope everything works out with you and Ben! Enjoy your evening:)

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