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I was MIA last night because Ben and I had a date.

That is good icon smile Sick Blogger

But, I got sick last night.

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We went to Cheesecake Factory and I was super excited to indulge. I had a light lunch and figured I would order something fabulous at the restaurant. Unfortunately I was feeling “weird” and all I wanted was a fancy salad. Which isn’t bad, but I always get salads and wanted to branch out today.

I ordered the Luau Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast Layered with Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Red and Yellow Peppers, Green Beans, Carrots, Mango and Crisp Wontons with Macadamia Nuts and Sesame Seeds. Tossed in Our Vinaigrette

IMG 7124 thumb Sick Blogger

I ordered it with salmon instead of chicken.IMG 7125 thumb Sick Blogger

We started with the amazing bread and butter icon smile Sick Blogger I had one of each.IMG 7122 thumb Sick Blogger

My date…IMG 7123 thumb Sick Blogger

ordered a combination with Shrimp Scampi and Steak DianeIMG 7128 thumb Sick Blogger

The outside seating was great for taking pictures, but it started raining shortly after getting our food. The staff quickly moved us to a table inside.

But that made for bad dessert pictures. And our dessert was the highlight of my night year! We got Chris’s Outrageous Chocolate Cake. Yes, we went there icon smile Sick Blogger

A Cheesecake Factory Original – Layers of Moist Chocolate Cake, Chewy Brownie, Toasted Coconut-Pecan Frosting and Creamy Chocolate Chip Coconut Cheesecake.

cheesecakefactorychocolatecake thumb Sick Blogger

It was outrageous all right icon smile Sick Blogger That thick slice right in the middle is cheesecake. My only negative comment is I don’t really like that coconut/pecan icing. It wasn’t good. But, the chocolate made up for it. IMG 7130 thumb Sick Blogger 

After dinner we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It was okay, but I was already feeling sick at this point and was trying not to fall asleep the whole time.

When we walked out of the theater I felt super nauseous. I barely made it home and headed straight for the restroom where I made close friends with the toilet. I don’t know what exactly made me sick, but I doubt it was food poisoning.

If you’re not taking the hints…I barfed. I basically hung out in the restroom for an hour until I felt like I was okay.

This morning I rehydrated as much as I could and decided to try and go for a run. I somehow managed to bust out 10 solid miles!!!! This was a better run than last weekend too.

Remember how I ran Disney sick? After that I decided I would never run sick again. But, I’m a runner, which also means I am crazy.

Breakfast: When I got home I made a massive smoothie with protein powder, ice, water, chia, maca, banana, xantham gum. IMG 7136 thumb Sick Blogger

And topped it with cereal and AB. IMG 7134 thumb Sick Blogger Now I’m just taking it easy since I still feel a little off.

See you in a bit!


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    Omg… I can’t believe you ran TEN MILES the morning about getting sick. Yes you are definitely half crazy haha, but also half rockstar! Way to go – and hope you are feeling better today!

  2. says

    Yikes, I’m sorry you got sick. But, yay for running 10 miles this morning. Must have been some sort of crazy fluke.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  3. says

    Aw I hope you feel better soon. Being physically sick is the worst kind of unwell you can get if you ask me. Those food pictures actually have me craving cake. I went to the cheesecake factory on a holiday in Atlanta about 5 years ago (I live in Scotland) and I still haven’t forgotten the PB cups cheesecake I had, it was love. Feel better!

  4. says

    ok, i have a date night with my husband tonight and we are trying out a new restaurant. you have officially made me nervous! jk!

    ugh, sorry that you got so sick, but damn girl, you are right, you are a crazy runner (used to be one too!), can’t believe you legged out a 10-miler the next morning.

    hope you feel better asap.

  5. says

    10 miles after being so sick?! wow rockstar! stinks that you got sick though, i hate throwing up (well i guess not many people do haha)

  6. says

    Ugh, sorry you’re not feeling well. That’s the worst. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t from the food, though, because that salad is my favorite thing on the CF menu and I would hate to hear it causing someone else so much distress! LOL.

    Hope you feel better!

  7. says

    That sucks you got sick. Hope you’re feeling better today.

    Your salad from last night looked so good!

    What was your thought on the movie? I really haven’t heard any good reviews yet but I assume you’ve gotta love that stupid-type comedy to get it (i.e. 40 yr old virigin, pineapple express, etc). I think we’re going to see it anyway- we love stupid-goofy comedies.


    Oh and you’re definitely a runner- I seem to end up running when I am sick too.

  8. says

    eek, hope you feel better soon!

    The cake and salad look fabulous. I love the cheesecake factory but only try to indulge once or twice a yr.

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    I have just started reading your blogs (sooo interesting BTW, talk about food porn!), but am confused by the addition of xantham gum in your smoothie. What is its purpose? Does it add something to it that I’m not understanding?

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