Traveling through life on foot


Good Morning from Orlandy :) I started the day with a short run through Downtown Disney. It was so empty compared to the crowds of last night! The early bird gets the worm picture with Cinderella. One of the most important things I make sure to pack on every trip are my running shoes. I know I may  not always be able to get a run in, but I also know I will be super … [Read more...]

Fabulous Florida


I made it! It was a long travel day, but I finally made it to Orlando :) I love traveling!!! The airport always gives me an excited buzz. I have always said that I would love a job where I got to see new places and meet new people. Any ideas where I can score a cool gig that requires travel? Don’t tell Ben, but I actually love Florida too (just more to visit then to live). … [Read more...]