One More Day

Last night when my flight was delayed four hours I rescheduled it for today at 8:30pm. So, I ended up having a whole extra day with my mom and Matt at Disney World!epcot

I’m really happy that this worked out and gave me extra time with the family. It’s funny because after I checked in for yesterday’s flight I called Ben and was very sad about leaving my fam.

When the flight was delayed I wasn’t sure if I should wait for my plane or just change flights. Ben told me to re-book for the next day and take it as a gift from God :) And I did.

This morning I woke up and took a walk around the area. I didn’t want to run because my knee has been hurting on the third or fourth day in a row of running, so I thought it best to take it easy.

I picked up a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on my walk, but there’s not pic because I didn’t have my camera.

When I got back I made…

hotel room oatmeal = instant oats made with hot water from the coffee maker.

Ben and I used to go on road trips once a month in California and I became quite the hotel room oatmeal maker! I always bring packets of oats and plastic spoons when I travel just in case!

Before adding water…IMG_7393

Breakfast is best enjoyed with  a view… IMG_7395

I added grapes because I love them.  IMG_7396


We stayed at the Buena Vista Palace. It is right across the street from Downtown Disney. I really liked this hotel. The location and service are great. There is a fitness room, shuttle to Disney parks, small shop with to-go food and more.  But the most important thing is it was easy to step out of the hotel and run on the side walk in a safe, clean area. IMG_7225

I spent the day at Epcot and managed to con Matt into getting on a few rides he was afraid of. He thanked me after, I swear!Matt and I

The most interesting ride was one where they show you some of the food that is grown at Epcot and incorporated into some of the meals. While it was  generic, I am very happy that awareness is being brought to eating local plants! plants

The Brussel Sprouts made me excited. I think I shouted, “My favorite!” when I saw this plant. You shouldn’t be in public with me if you get easily embarrassed. brussel sprout plant


This is a planter where fish live on the bottom and plants are grown on top. Supposedly, the fish help fertilize the plants and the plants help keep the fish water clean. fish and plants

I found a tofu noodle bowl in The Land for lunch. I am happy that there are multiple vegetarian options at Disney World parks. tofu bowlThat being said, this wasn’t actually good. But, I do appreciate the effort toward veggie options that aren’t just “We can leave the chicken off that Chicken Casear Salad if you want” (this was offered to me yesterday). So, you’re going to sell me lettuce for $9.50? Thanks. 

I’m going to write a list of good vegetarian options and add it to my upcoming Travels page. I have seen many questions of health/diet message boards of people asking questions on this topic. I kept me eyes peeled to do a recap.

I also ate the rest of my salad from last night and added a hard boiled egg for protein.IMG_7416

There were random snacks consumed throughout the day. But, the best one was found when I spotted this Viking in the Norway area of Epcot…Viking

He made me think of my own Viking back at home… me and ben

I shared an Almond Pretzel with my mom (and brought one home for Ben). I don’t know why this doesn’t actually look like a pretzel, but it is. It’s basically flaky sweet bread topped with icing and almonds. almond pretzel

We also went through my homeland’s Mexico’s attractions…Mexico at Epcot

And enjoyed the beautiful weather, rides and pretty park :)Epcot water

Finally, I had to leave the park and get to the hotel to grab my bags and catch my flight. epcot plants

Dinner – I had to pick up dinner at the airport and scanned my options before deciding. I thought Sbarro sounded delicious, but Au Bon Pain had healthy options, unlike the  pizza place. I was torn :(

I really wanted Sbarro, but didn’t want to feel guilty about indulging since I had already eaten so much on this trip! I was actually on the phone with Ben when I was deciding and he gave me some good advice (which will become my new diet mantra – TBA).

I got Sbarro. Sbarro

Spinach and mushroom pizza. I asked for the smallest piece and the girl looked at me weird. But it was perfect. spinach pizza

And veggies. I wanted a garden salad, but they were all out. I did ask the worker if they had a lot of oil and he said “Some, but not a ton” (which means a ton). I decided to go for it.sbarro dinner

Now I’m enjoying dessert on the plane and writing to you nice folks :)

Lindt truffle

Overall, I had an amazing time on this trip! I mean, I knew I was going to have fun, but I am actually surprised at how much I enjoyed all of it! IMG_7430

I did eat too many sweets and indulgent foods. But, I know you should never aim to lose weight on vacation, only try to make healthy AND yummy decisions :)

My goal on vacation is mostly to enjoy the food, but stop eating before I am full. And my only gripe is I didn’t do that most of the time.  I am back on the wagon tomorrow though and am happy to say I had a great time!

I mean, it’s all about balance, right? balancing plates


  1. Katy says

    Looks like you’re having an amazing time!!!

    OH BTW, I don’t understand when you say that you are overweight because it looks like you have a BANGIN’ bod 😉 OK I probably just sounded creepy but you have a beautiful body shape! Just sayin’ 😀

  2. says

    It looks like a really fun vacation — good food, good family, good time. 😀 Vacations are for indulging and now you know to go back to eating “normally.” It’s great to see people who are happy letting go and not obsessing about every little bite. :)

  3. says

    I know what you mean, after eating healthy at home, it feels super weird to have so many treats on a vacation. You will be back to normal once you are home :)

  4. says

    What a fun vacation! I definitely eat a lot of treats while on vacation, but it actually feels nice when I get back home and to my regular routine.

  5. says

    what an awesome trip! i love the views while you are eating breakfast.

    and very cute ending with the comment about balancing and the pic of you balancing the plates. :)

  6. says

    How fun! I love Epcot and all the fun countries. Definitely have never seen the land of veggie trees, very neat. I bet you are glad to be home, even though you had a fab time, for me it’s always nice to get back to a routine.

  7. emily says

    hello! i have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now, yours and carrots n cake are my favorite. ive been trying to start a blog of my own for a couple days but its not as easy as you ladies make it look! i just felt the need to tell you how inspiring you are. i have struggled with an eating disorder for over a year now and its such a good example for me to read your blog where you eat healthily but you do have treats and its ok! your also beautiful and strong and you know what is best for you. thank you for doing what you do every day. someone is appreciating it!
    emily y B.C canada

  8. says

    That “food” ride sounds awesome! I generally hate really crowded and/or tacky places like theme parks but I would go just for that! And I do like rides too :) Glad you went for the pizza — it looks quite good!

  9. says

    That “food” ride sounds awesome! I generally hate really crowded and/or tacky places like theme parks but I would go just for that! And I do like rides too :) Glad you went for the pizza — it looks quite good!

  10. says

    That “food” ride sounds awesome! I generally hate really crowded and/or tacky places like theme parks but I would go just for that! And I do like rides too :) Glad you went for the pizza — it looks quite good!

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