Make a Better Smoothie!


My smoothie disaster this morning is the perfect excuse  to try and come up with a new smoothie recipe. Luckily, the peeps at Magic Bullet are also looking for new smoothie recipes!!! They have a contest to find a new healthy smoothie recipe and are giving away a Bullet to go! Check it out: Magic Bullet wants to know what healthy smoothies you make with your Magic Bullet! … [Read more...]

Egg Salad Sandwich


I picked up this container of egg salad from TJ’s this weekend. I love this stuff and used to get it all the time when TJ’s was next door to my office in California. It’s good, but it crumbles out of the sandwich easily, so you have to eat carefully ;) On the plate – sandwich, chips and veggies. So Colorful!!! I also added salsa for the chips – more colors sold separately. … [Read more...]

Green Sludge


Breakfast this morning was a major fail. I made a green smoothie with chocolate protein powder, chia, maca, ice, 1/2 frozen naner, xantham gum and water. For some reason it was the grossest consistency. I tried to get a picture of it on a spoon, but it was difficult to capture the pond scum-like essence of this bowl. When I shook the bowl it jiggled like muddy  old … [Read more...]



I can’t seem to knock my sweet tooth after my vacation and indulgent weekend :( I am very happy tomorrow is a new day though :)  See you Monday! … [Read more...]