Meal/Snack Mack? Sneal?

Today I was hungry all day! My snacks were more like meals. I didn’t even realize it until I devoured most of the kitchen. I didn’t take pics of my meal/snack – or should I call it a “Mack?” “Sneal?”

Take this as a representation of the oddly timed foodies of my day…


I am burnt out on the computer/blogs/life. Can you tell? RER has been less than fun this week :( Boo.

I’m be back and ready for action tomorrow. But tonight I need to recharge.


  1. says

    i’m dealing with burn out too. i just want summer to get here! even if i’m really busy or stressed something about summer makes me feel better

  2. says

    love you kid. if it helps any (probably doesnt/)but i think its something in the air cus i got the munchie bug. i just went shopping and today i was like, where did it all friggin go? goodness gracious

  3. s says

    ahh, i’ve been burnt out too lately. i don’t know what it is about this time of year (i’m a student), i just feel like i am overworked yet am not really getting all that much done. good thing the weekend is near. we’ll stay put until you degauss. and i can’t tell if that stuff in the waffle is brie or a banana, but either way, looks pretty good. as i have both bananas and waffles, i may have to try that.

  4. says

    Give yourself a break! I have so much respect for all you serious bloggers for all that you do. But the blog world understands if you need to take a week off and just unplug, recharge and think about more important things. :) give yourself all the time and the love that you need, because you are worth it! The blogosphere will still be here : ) and… as a random tangent, I am incredibly jealous of your waffle sandwich. wafflich?

  5. says

    Take a break, unplug, and rewind for a bit. You know, go for a walk and soak in spring time and the weather. I find a breath of fresh air physically is like a breath of fresh air for me mentally as well.

    By the way, that sneal of a waffle sandwich looks DELICIOUS. Genius idea. Maybe I’ll have to make my own waffles now. Hmmm….

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