Still in Florida


Greetings from Disney World! Today Matt, my mom and I had a fun day in Orlando.   We snacked through the morning so we could push back lunch… New find – hummus chips. Apple and almond butter… Popcorn…   After we were done at DW we went to Hollywood Studios. I found a veggie sandwich on ciabatta bread for lunch. It needed something (besides … [Read more...]

Breakfast with a view


This morning I enjoyed a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on our hotel room patio. This is the life :) I’m trying to enjoy every bit of this vacation as I'll be back to work soon! With my iced coffee I had yogurt, fruit and cereal. I may have also stolen a bite of Matt’s egg white flat bread sandwich too!   I’m  wearing my new t-shirt I got from Animal … [Read more...]

Dining at Disney


Today was so much fun! I had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. First we hit up the Animal Kingdom. I faintly remember running through certain areas on the mary, but was glad to spend the day exploring.   One of my favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom is the Safari ride. A real African safari is a very long way off, but it was nice to pretend for a minute. Plus, … [Read more...]

Traveling through life on foot


Good Morning from Orlandy :) I started the day with a short run through Downtown Disney. It was so empty compared to the crowds of last night! The early bird gets the worm picture with Cinderella. One of the most important things I make sure to pack on every trip are my running shoes. I know I may  not always be able to get a run in, but I also know I will be super … [Read more...]

Fabulous Florida


I made it! It was a long travel day, but I finally made it to Orlando :) I love traveling!!! The airport always gives me an excited buzz. I have always said that I would love a job where I got to see new places and meet new people. Any ideas where I can score a cool gig that requires travel? Don’t tell Ben, but I actually love Florida too (just more to visit then to live). … [Read more...]

Cream of Wheat


I’ve mentioned that I cannot get myself to appreciate oatmeal lately :( But, I thought I’d give it one more try since I had the ripest banana on my counter. We all know bananas like this deserve to fulfill there destiny to be made into whipped oats… So I made oat bran. In addition to the ripe banana I added a packet of stevia and some almond milk. It was so sweet and creamy. … [Read more...]

Coffee Break


Remember how I recently decided to add an afternoon coffee break to my life? Well, I was very happy to read that a noon time coffee is the best time to some java! This article says coffee with lunch helps reduce the risk of diabetes. I dunno, it sounds too good to be true, but who am I to question science ;) This afternoon I snacked on iced coffee, a vitatop, watermelon and a … [Read more...]

Inflation Time!


Apparently, inflation is good for the environment! My favorite local organic store, MOM’s was offering to pump up customer’s tires today! For free :) Having your tires filled efficiently saves on gas and helps reduce emissions. I was all over this since I’ve noticed my tires have been low for a few weeks, but I’m kinda lost as to how to put air in them. I mean, I’ve … [Read more...]

Marathon Monday!!!


As you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock in blogland) today is the Boston Marathon! It is my dream to qualify for Boston and I really look up to all those runners who qualify. I will be watching the race today and dreaming of tackling the race myself one day :) Boston Marathon random info: - The oldest annual marathon in the world - You have to qualify to run … [Read more...]

Leftovers for Lunch


I ended up being really snacky Saturday. My stomach still felt “off”, but I was hungry too?! I ate leftovers for lunch… Plus leftover Cheesecake Factory chocolate cake!!! And random snacks for dinner, including bites of Pizza bagels… And popcorn with a cocktail :) Sunday is a day of rest in more ways than one :) Ben and I took a short walk, but I don’t plan on any … [Read more...]

Sick Blogger


I was MIA last night because Ben and I had a date. That is good :) But, I got sick last night. That is bad :( We went to Cheesecake Factory and I was super excited to indulge. I had a light lunch and figured I would order something fabulous at the restaurant. Unfortunately I was feeling “weird” and all I wanted was a fancy salad. Which isn’t bad, but I always get salads and … [Read more...]

Food Twin


Sometimes I’ll read blogs and see a day’s eats and think, “I would love to eat all the same things tomorrow.”  Or, “That is exactly what I want to eat…” Wait, does anyone else do that? No? Okay, now I’m embarrassed :( Anyways, lately I’ve been coveting my neighbor’s food. For some reason I feel like I eat most like Taydor Tott and I wish I could hang out with … [Read more...]

Pizza Cookie


Today was my last day babysitting and I brought the girls a treat – a Cookie shaped like a piece of pizza. It was too cute I had to get it :) I usually try to encourage them to be healthy, but kids need balance too. I am really going to miss them and they even gave me a present! Awwwww…. I also ate some cheddar chex mix while there… Before I went to babysit I ate a banana … [Read more...]

Wrap It Up!


There are certain places you should always “wrap it up”. Like, half your meal at Claim Jumper (BIG Portions!) or certain body parts in Las Vegas (so everything that happens there does in fact, stay there).  Unlike, embarrassing photos that can spread like wildfire…  But, I digress…Another place you need to be “covered” is the locker room floor. The warm, wet and highly … [Read more...]

Tax Day Freebies!!!


Many restaurants are offering freebies today in honor of  to lessen the pain of TAX DAY!!! It’s today in case you didn’t realize!! Partake in one and all and enjoy… Starbucks: Free coffee when you bring in your own mug. Offer valid all day. Subway: Free cookie, No purchase required. Cinnabon: Between 6pm-8pm Free Cupcake Bites. Taco Del Mar: Free taco when … [Read more...]