Another day of reunions


This is my first year going with Ben to Princeton Reunions and I didn’t realize the stamina needed to keep up with the party! After the 5K on Saturday morning I had time for a short nap then, Ben called that he was on his way to the hotel to get me and take me to the “P-rade”. Princeton alum and guests line up along the route and each class marches by while we cheer for … [Read more...]

Eating Club


After a three hour drive after work yesterday Ben and I made it to Princeton for "Reunions”. The drive went by a lot faster than we thought it would and we only made one pee/french fry stop ;) Princeton University has “Reunions” every year. There are numerous events for alumni to comeback and enjoy. The most popular of these events are the beer tents – the campus is … [Read more...]

The Perfect Day of Eats


I have often wondered what is the perfect day of eating for a runner. I know this varies depending on your size, age, activity level and preferences – so it really is hard to exchange this kind of information with fellow runners. (Unless they are your clone – which in that case please hook me up so I can make a red-headed Mexican clone because we’re a rare breed…) But – that … [Read more...]

Fake Breast


I had a fake chick’n breast for dinner tonight. These were on sale and I am trying to test out new veggie proteins. The entire package is under 300 calories – chick’n, rice and sauce. This is how it really looked (served with salad). You really shouldn’t expect food to look like the package unless you enjoy being disappointed. I thought about making brown rice instead of the … [Read more...]

RER’s Dating Tips


As I was eating my lunch today I thought of one of my top dating tips: Dating Tip #1: Don’t Order Salad on a Date Not because a man wants a girl who can eat – I hate that even being said. No, don’t order a salad because you cannot shovel  forkfuls of lettuce into your mouth gracefully… Dating Tip #2:  Don’t eat garlic or onions *Even if that garlic is  … [Read more...]

Bowl full of Wonderful


Today I took a cue from Janetha and had a Vitatop with Greek Yogurt and Almond Butter for Breakfast. Um, this might be the tastiest healthy concoction ever. Ever. I sweeten my yogurt with stevia because I’ve regressed in my attempts to cut back on sweeteners. But, I’m not mad at me. My “Moves” for today will be a KB class at the gym. Oh, and I randomly made chocolate … [Read more...]

A Better Bagel?


I love bagels. A lot.  I wish I didn’t, but I do. Every time I go to Panera for lunch I end up ordering a bagel to chomp on with my salad/sandwich combo. It’s unnecessary, but I am weak. Because of my love for the doughy deliciousness I am always in search of an “everyday” bagel. While I love bagel shop bagels, I know it’s not the best choice for breakfast on a daily … [Read more...]

100% of the Time


Today I realized that I automatically go get food when I am tired. As soon as my body feels any lack of energy I go straight to the kitchen – 100% of the time. Okay, I didn’t completely realize this today. I’ve been watching. Let me clarify, I’ve been observing – without judgment – my habits. And the results are in… When I feel tired/sleepy/low blood sugar/dragging/all of … [Read more...]

Stick to Your Guns


I am the easiest person to influence with food. Every time I see an Olive Garden commercial I am convinced that’s what I want for dinner. Those TGI Friday’s commercials make me want to eat there too (and I do not like that place at all). But, I digress… I often think oatmeal is a yummy idea for breakfast – especially when I have ripe bananas for it. I think all the … [Read more...]

Meatless Mexican Monday – Salsa Scramble


Welcome to another  round of Mexican Meatless Monday! I was hungry and wanted to make something super easy tonight. So, I layered beans, eggs scrambled with onions & peppers, guacamole, cheese and salsa for an amazing burrito! I used TJ’s Black Beans for the first layer. These are the best canned beans I’ve ever had. I recently realized that guacamole has the … [Read more...]

D.C. with Lisa


Today we went into Washington D.C. It was gloomy and drizzly most of the day, but we made the best of it. Lisa hadn’t been here since eighth grade so she needed to see all the major sights.   But, before we went someone went on a DD run! And we had to have breakfast. Kristin has a ton of different kinds of cereal that I added to my yogurt. She even had Kashi … [Read more...]



I got major crabs on the blog today. Major. Watch and learn… My friend Lisa is visiting from California! So, today Kristin and I took her to Annapolis. But, first I had to bring her a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. She has never had DD before! I gladly introduced her to their amazing coffee and had a donut for myself :) After enjoying my donut and iced coffee we headed to … [Read more...]

The Plan and Pretty Pics


Oh my goodness. This week has been super crazy at work and at home. I am very happy to have a nice weekend ahead of me! I just realized I didn’t go to the gym all week. Busted :( I am really not succeeding at a work-life balance, so I have put some thought into it over the last few days. I really need a plan. So, I came up with one! Uh, I feel a little less frazzled and out … [Read more...]

The Whole Package


There are many foods where you eat The Whole Package…. frozen meals, for example – especially Kashi ones   This package of Spinach Dip wasn’t meant to be eaten in it’s entirety in one sitting, but I like a challenge :) I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud? I ate the whole “package” of chocolate syrup, but in my defense it was over the last few months. … [Read more...]

Never Passed a Bar


I usually only drink a few times a month. Don’t let my drunken dance this weekend fool you, I’m only like this on “special occasions”. Okay, In certain cities, (hint) it may be true that I never pass up a drink… But most of the time I don’t partake in the evening glass of wine ;) But – I try to make it a habit to NEVER pass a  Salad Bar! So today I hit up a local … [Read more...]