Anything for PB Puffins

Today I got the most intense craving for PB Puffins! I had to go to three different stores to get them, but I was determined. Yum. I definitely ate these in the car on the way home. PB Puffins

Dinner was from Trader Joes (who didn’t have the PB Puffins either). TJ’s Pesto Flat Bread and gnocci -  I thought the flat bread was just okay, but Ben really liked it.IMG_7641

The gnocci was dee-lish though! This was one of their frozen meals in a bag. I wanted something easy since I didn’t feel like cooking. It did the trick and Ben was happy with it. Done and done.IMG_7638

I threw together a fancy salad so we could get some veggies too. IMG_7644

My hunger is always off on longer run days. I wasn’t hungry, but felt depleted around 1pm and made PB&J.IMG_7635 And grapes. These were on sale, but Ben didn’t give the checker our store card and we paid over double. Party foul Ben. grapes

I just had a couple of pieces dark chocolate. Just saying…

Do you ever get random cravings that have to be fulfilled?

I was on a mission for those PB Puffins and would not stop at another flavor either.


  1. says

    i’ve heard such great things about the puffins. granted i’ve never tried them but they look like capt crunch….are they anything like that?

  2. s says

    ugh haha yeah. i had to have dark chocolate dreams (the pb) today. it was physiologically necessary. i had a craving later in the day but i successfully ‘talked myself down’ from it. haha.

  3. says

    They’re basically the most delicious thing ever. I don’t buy them because if I do, I’ll eat them all pretty much in a day :)

  4. courtney says

    I totally understand, I love PB puffins! I am from the states but I go to school in Britain and every time I fly over there I have a box of puffins packed in my suitcase…it’s the one thing I really miss that you can’t get in Britain.

  5. says

    Yum, I love pb puffins. But, I don’t buy them because I’m dangerous around them.
    I often crave sweet, salty or carby things, but usually nothing specific.
    Even when I was pregnant, I didn’t have strong cravings. I never sent my husband out to the store at night to purchase whatever I needed to honor a craving.

  6. says

    I have never had puffins but they are always on my radar.

    I typically crave something chocolate or something really salty – like tostitos.

  7. says

    PB Puffins are the shit!!I need you to write me a list for shopping at TJ’s because you have the best finds, and I come out with the most boring things ever!

  8. says

    I have had a pizza craving for the past two nights in a row, so there is definitely some in my future or I’m going to go mad for pizza.

    You definitely hit the nail on the head when you say you don’t feel hungry but rather empty on long run days. I’m the same way, but I never really knew how to describe the feeling until you vocalized it so well. :)

  9. Sandra says

    I was just craving PB Puffins today too! I usually don’t buy them because I will eat the whole box myself, but decided to buy them today, unfotunately my grocery store ran out…Maybe tomorrow.

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