Happy Friday!

I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but this week and next I am working for my old job from California. They needed some help and I can telecommute, so I have been a busy bee!

I worked for a recruiting company in CA through most of college and stayed on board full time for a while after graduating before I found a reporting job.

This morning I took a 20 minute walk and then got to work. I have a lot to do today, so I had to skip KB :( I’m planning on taking a walk this afternoon for some exercise and stress relief.

Breakast: AB&J toast. I always think of 157 different breakfast ideas, but this is so satisfying I end up being boring, but happy.IMG_7812

Plus a new kid’s yogurt with fruit and cereal. I really like this flavor.IMG_7813

In other happy news, I just bought a ticket for a week home in June and a ticket for Ben’s annual family trip in FL. Exciting!

See you in a bit…


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    I usually eat the same breakfast everyday. I know I like it and I hate it when I try something new and then don’t feel satisfied. I like to stick to what works.

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    I eat a vitamuffin every morning. I can eat a huge breakfast and it never leaves me as satisfied as long as just a simple vitatop! Which is completely weird…!

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