Sleep Running


Instead of sleep walking I think I was sleep running this morning! I went out for an easy 6 miler and at the turn around point glanced at my Garmin. Um, I guess I never thought to turn it on. So, I turned on half way through my run :) Wake up Monica! When I got back I warmed up with a quick shower and bowl of oat bran. It was cold this morning and I wanted a warm … [Read more...]

Gourmet Day


Ben said we had a gourmet day today!  It started out normal with a BIG yogurt bowl. I always am hungry on the day after a long run so I made sure to pile this with fruit, yogurt, a lot of cereal and PB. I also “cleaned” this almond butter jar with a spoon. I was going to put the yogurt bowl in this, but I put it in the micro for a second and it sparked, which scared me. But … [Read more...]